I have been silently listening to all the bellowing and complaining for the last few years.  But, it seems that there is very little in the way of patriot battle-planning to establish a united citizen front to combat the Political Mafia Marxist agenda being broadcast to the nations citizens.  So, my question is how do we intend to defeat those that attempt to destroy our freedom loving nation?  As the TEA Party, I believe it is time for us to take the offensive by mobilizing a United States Constitutional Army.  When activated, this element of the TEA Party must rapidly enlist members from every state that are prepared to legally challenge every attempt to distroy the foundation of our nation.  This group would then assess the battlefield, design the offensive action plan (protest, political survey, letter writing, etc.), and mobilize a daily activity to support the offensive plan.  As an example, I believe that members of all 50 states should engage a legal team to sue individuals like Pelosi, Shumer, AOC, Maxine Waters, Hillary, and Tech Giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for publishing and broadcasting damaging statements that have resulted in loss of revenue and personal security.  Additionally, I believe that this group could enable lawsuits in the large cities where ANTIFA and BLM destroyed businesses and personal safety.  These legal actions are easily supported by media captured during the crazy attacks on our Tea Party members, President Trump, Historical Statues, other conservatives, and Christian organizations.  Additionally, I believe that all TEA Party members must unite in restoring the American Dream by resurrecting the call for The True Tax that embraces a "Fair Share" process and eliminates the horrible Income Tax that favors top earners.  With no deductions of any kind (child, depreciation, loss, business expense, etc.), all individuals, companies, churches, non-profits, organizations, etc. would pay the same 1% on consumption-based activity.  The True Tax includes all "paper consumption" (stock, bond, cryptocurrency, gold-silver-commodity, etc.) actions, even "paper barter" (paper to paper trade).  What are you waiting for?


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  • When American voters finally learn that NO MAJOR PARTY politician can be trusted and then start voting for any candidate who is NOT A MEMBER OF EITHER PARTY ..then and only then can we get even close to a NON-CORRUPT government.. until then .... keep your powder dry.

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