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  • And I agree with all you have said. As things stand America doesn’t deserve mercy from judgement. We are on the brink of no return. I must refuse to give up hope because that’s about all that is left for me to do. Every prayer of hope is my arrow in the camp of the enemy. You know what it is to be a warrior in the world, and an excellent one from the sound of your knowledge. We are also and always warriors in God’s earthly army. Thus even if I become like the knight in Monty Python’s”Holy Grail” I cannot give up hope. Nor can I argue that what you say is not deserved.

  • To the many patriot voices that post here I still believe that despite grave appearance ,our voices are heard by the One who truly founded and fought for the birth of our nation. All faithfulness and obedience are honored by grace that (others) do not deserve. We patriots have not voted for destroying life, for abominable marriage, Or uncountable lies that are meant to enslave and impoverish. I am not in the least blind to the mortal wounds of the sinful state of our country. I am terrified of the consequences and at times feel helpless to be surrounded by overwhelming evil. But I am told to walk by faith and not by sight, which is why I still have hope. I am told those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed. And I know the teaching of a little girl who had died and Jesus was called well after. The masses laughed when he said she was asleep because they saw death. To God she was asleep and not beyond His grasp . America does indeed appear dead, except for us and the fact that we’ve been faithful to fight for truth. I still put my hopes and faith in a God who has heard our prayers and noted our values, who hates injustice  and blesses those who stand with Israel . If America is mortally wounded, even then He can bring back life. Please continue to stand. 

    • Thanks for the hopeful analysis Laurel... but don't let presumptive hope replace God's Word... Faith cometh by hearing and hearing God's Word. It is the Word of God that is the foundation of our faith. Our expectations, hope, and faith need to be anchored in the Word of God.  Frankly, the present conditions and spiritual status of the USA doesn't inspire a positive assessment for our future.  If Sodom and Gahmora had known, what we as a people know today, they would have repented... and their civilization spared its destruction.  Nineveh repented and was saved, so can we... however, the King of Nineveh was a much wiser man than our President... we must pray for his enlightenment while working to reform our government and social order.

      There is a certain point in the lives of men and nations that brings them to a state where accountability and judgment become imminent... America is at that point and unless she returns to the God of our forefathers... to the God of Israel... The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, a fearful and disastrous chain of events will be forthcoming. Our nation will stand in the docket, receiving kind for kind, and God's judgment.  I pray that our nation repents and calls upon God's mercy and grace before that time arrives.  However, our Nation needs to act now; too, humble itself and repent of its wicked ways, while there is yet light in the World to find our way home. Too, find the straight path to God's righteousness thru faith in Jesus Christ... the Word of God.

  • Are we in our father's house? 

     May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Lwe We can have no '50-50' allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American PERCENT and nothing else or he is not an American at all -Theodore Roosevelt'

    Where have such leaders gone?  If we are winning why is there such division among the people and how is it that our leaders think more highly of the world than their own household?

    • P/S  

      May be an image of text that says 'This is my flag. I will not apologize for it. It does NOT stand for skin color, race, or religion. It stands for FREEDOM.'

      Don't tread on me... or my colors.  They don't run nor is it an item for political debate or disparagement... walk on it at your own risk, but know this many have tried in the past and now walk in hell of their own choice.

  • I will only agree we might be winning if the 2022 elections bring about the senate and congress flipping to republican majority. Otherwise we will continue down to the depths of communist infiltration and control. 

    • Correct. I might add that it must also result in the removal of that evil fraud from our White House and our TRUE President inaugurated and correctly installed as our President, which in fact he is.


  • Are we winning?  Please list the social and political advances made in the USA over the last 6 or 7 decades... Are we better off today, than in the '50s?  Winning is a relative term.  It depends on how one defines winning and their perspective on the past versus today.  I find no reason to applaud the social or political changes in America.  In fact, I find lots of reasons to be very concerned about our future.

    • Me as well

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