• We need Ranl Paul as the majority leader in the Senate, and Jim Jordan as the Speaker of the House.  Until we get that, the Republican leaders of both Houses are just RINOs working with the Dems to destroy American.  Thay want that New World Order, and they want the money they will get when it happens.  They do not care about the average American and what he is going through.

    • Two excellent picks

  • The only seat Mitch McConnell and McCarthy should be in is the Electric Seat...  they are complicit with the insurrection transforming America into a failed state and a member of the New World Order.

    • Agree 100%

    • rON, amen  amen  amen  amen  amen!!!!!!!!!!


  • McConnell has got to go!

  • mcconnell and those allied with him are TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!

    • No argument here... Now, what to do?  What do we do with traitors... treason?  It is time that our reps start calling out leadership .. publically as traitors... enumerating why,  If our members of Congress will not hold their fellow members accountable for treason they need to be considered coconspirators in their treason and we need to let them know that is how they will be treated once we have restored Constitutional Government...

      No more FENCE-SITTING moderates or phony conservatives... we demand real acts... to expose open treason.  We expect the patriot members of Congress would issue Bills of Expulsion against members whose conduct borders on or is treason.  If they will not police themselves, then they are part of the problem.  Push has come to shove. The members of Congress must choose which side of the fence they will stand on... The Constitutionalist or New World Order progressives?  We don't have any more time to debate on how to remove the corruption and insurgency in government.

    • 100%

    • Ron, I agree but all but a very few republicans are part of the globalist cabal and the few patriots are kept out of any significant role by the deep state TRAITORS who control the gop/rnc!!!!!!!!!!


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