• More likely, the Wauskesha judge will get himself overturned.  You see, these Democrats vote to live and cheat to vote and they never stop coming. 

  • Pray it spreads across the whole country

  • This doesn't surpruse me, but I am certain the de"mock"rats are going to file a counter suit.  Waukesha is one of what we call the WOW counties (Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington); the voters there are highly Republican.  This may change in the near future because more people from Milwaukee County are moving into these counties.  Too bad there is not a way to prohibit "de"mock"rats moving into these counties.

  • A step in the right direction .!   Dems Cheat ,this we all know .

    • Agree, a step in the right direction!

  • While I applaud this judge the satanists in the devildemocommiecrat party ignore any ruling that goes against them!!!!!!!!!

    • Then trial dates and rendered convictions must become the outcome norms.

      The wolves are in the house, and lassiz faire outomes along with feel-good relativism is not the order of the day.

      Judges Bench - BENCH

    • Skeptical, it is getting to the point that the only justice available will be the vigilante variety!!!!!  I hate to see it but we are there because devildemocommiecrats, paid by Nazi war criminal george soros, want to destroy America!!!!!!!!!!


    • Happily I say, "Orange man bad" appointed a large number of federal judges to the bench, all staunch Constitutional conservartives. It will become obvious, if activist lawyers shopping for leftist judges keep hitting the same courtrooms over and over again for the desired verdicts.

      This is not how the Justice system is intended to work.

      But I savor an optimism, that States Sovereignty doctrine will severly limit the potential for rigged renderings, narrowing outcomes to interstate  issues with an Appellate system that leads to SCOTUS.

    • Skeptical, his appointments to the supreme court haven't exactly panned out as they aren't necessarily on the right side of the Constitution most of the time!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't blame President Trump because he can only nominate people he believes will do the right thing.  In 2012 I helped markwayne mullin get elected to the House on promises he made but he lied as he turned on every promise before he took the oath of office, betraying the trust of his voters but he doesn't care because the bribes enrich him!!!!!!!!!!


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