• If you want to keep Apple from deleting your Parler App go to this link

    How To Stop The Parler App From Being Deleted Off Your Phone
    Big tech has ramped up it's assault on free speech by deleting the Parler app from their online stores; here is how you can protect the app if you al…
  • All I can say is this "God has the final word"

  • So you want sheeple to march and do nothing but sing chants and march,theselefties are going to get what they want and we will win

  • Watch what is coming we have yet just begun .From here on in attack Google builds twitter  Facebook  attack those builds not DC builds 

  • Church Schummer is one of the "head thuggs".  He has supported terrorists BLM and Antifa consistently.  He is a liar and what's more he is Anti-American.  He should be tried for and convitced of Anti-American speech and actions.  As should every Democrat is D.C.  Does anyone remember any of the Democrats calling out the Bernie Sanders supporter when he nearly killed Steve Scalise; does anyone remember any Democrat calling out BLM or Antifa for the riots and looting this past summer?  Of course not because they didn't.  We are at a crossroads in our country.  And those who love The U.S. need to stand up and say "No More".  Take your terrorists and go somewhere else.  And every Democrat in Congress should be tried for at a minimum of Anti-American speech and activities if not Treason. 

    But Reality Check, why the 7734 don'gt you get off FaceBook and Twitter, 2 platforms which support and broadcast anything put up by the CCP?  Come on over to Parler and Rumble.


  • Remember when demonrats kept whining about losing in 2016? They just can't admit defeat and move on. 

  • when you finance  , support , and defend what goes on in an abortion clinic then anything else along those lines isn't out of the line of reaLITY

  • So true


  • Never give up!

  • Awesome!

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