• I listen to the speech it was right on time I don't follow the fake News Network 

  • dnc commie media are all socialist/commie activists who hate our country and ARE continualy negative about EVERYTHING....WHO THE HELL WANTS TO LIVE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!

  • All these news people are liars and fools. Sadly too many low info voters believe them.

  • The Clown News Network has class act fools working for them, the lies are constant on CNN, it's a joke.

  • The ONLY Reason they are getting by with their MARXIST BULLSHIT right now is because they Stole the election and Narrowly got control ove both Houses- but not by much..! I Believe Trump Made Certain That This Administraitions Hand Were Tied In Some Very Sugnifficant Ways Internationally And Locally That It Will Hold Untill Trump Puts Another Congress Together For 2022. Then A New Republican President Or Himself Back In The White House In 2024..!  The Left HAVE NOT FULLY WON THIS GAME YET..! IT IS TURNING INTO A NIGHTMARE But Trump Could Pull It Off..! If Anyone Can It Would Be Donald J. Trump.  Outside Of God Himself To Intervein And Heal Our Land..!

    • I'm trusting God! He can do it if He chooses!

      But that is the question. For the last few decades we have systematically walked away from God and turned our  backs on him. Turned our backs on Him by taking prayer out of the schools, by bringing in legalized abortion, by removing the 10 commandments from courtrooms, by ignoring the trashy immoral material put out by Hollyweird, and by many other ways that we have told Him we don't want Him around anymore. He is a gentleman, he doesn't force Himself on us nor force us to follow Him. However, He judged the world with the great flood, and with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and maybe now it's our turn. I'm praying for a reprieve, but as Jesus said in the garden, "Thy will be done, not Mine."

      we must prepare for persecution, or even better, the great removal, the Rapture!

    • Hey! Jc4you the next question is could it be that the rapture could take place anytime soon?

    • YES‼️. The Rapture could be any second! Or not for many years. Only God the Father knows.
      At the right time, He will say to His beloved son: "My son, it's time. Go call your bride to come." 

      It gives me goosebumps just to think about it. What a wonderful moment that will be! Our blessed hope, as we leave the sad and evil world and fly away!

    • The end of the world - no I don't think so.  Do you Christians ever read your bible?  The end of the world will not come until the ancient temple in Jerusalem is supposed to be rebuilt.  This may be the end of the USA as we know it [unless some Democrats actually grow balls and do what is best for the country].  But the bible also says the end of the world will come as a thief in the night.  So loosen up guys and stop being such doom sayers.  And you Christians - for goodness sake read your bible.  I left Christianity long time ago, but I have read the bible 3 times and although I have fogottten many things, I seem to know a lot more about it than you holier than thou doomsayers do.. 


    • Rude of you to call names!

      ive been studying the Bible for 52 years. So, hey, let's not be rude!

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