• Nine days and counting for us....stay tuned!!!

  • Doesn't even MEAN anything anymore. The Left believes that whatever THEIR people do is fine, even Murder. There are NO consequences, there is NO outrage, and there is NO accountability anymore. NOTHING is too deviant, corrupt, criminal, or immoral, and those of us on the Right are to blame. We have allowed this to go on for DECADES!  There is only ONE option now, and that is getting out and voting RED, bringing others WITH you, helping everyone you know that needs a hand, to get to the polls and VOTE. REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT YOU CAN, at EVERY LEVEL, for the rest of your voting days!!

  • Joe probably just had a vague memory of the meeting he attended where his Democrat and Bernie Bro handlers were discussing their plans to disrupt the country after Trump wins with false allegations of voter fraud. Check out the Transition Integrity Project executive report online if you want to see their election strategy war game in black and white, unless it has been removed already, which wouldn't be a new or surprising tactic of the socialist left.

  • The mechanism in Joe's brain that he uses to spout his lies is worn out much like the clutch of an old truck that has been engaged too many times. He meant to lie but couldn't and probably thinks he did. He is gone.  

  • Demonrats were going to slip and admit to voter fraud eventually but it won't matter. Trump will win with another historic landslide. He will even beat his record breaking landslide of 2016. A huge majority of Americans support President Donad J. Trump because they can see how great he has made America. No more chaos, riots and deficits obummer was known for!!! All the voter fraud won't make a difference because the results will be crystal clear. The demonrats know it and panic already.

  • WOW 😱😱😱😱


    HAHAHAHAHAHA that's not what you thought was coming!!!

  • Well excuse me, but ppl you had better be awake by now! HE ain't kidding! So what are we going to do about it!!!

    Get busy and start responding...He doesnt care that he said this.

  • Were Biden bragging about his crimes the way he does in any other setting than Democrat party politics he'd have to be permanently dealt with!

  • Ah, he says the quiet part out loud. This guy has bats in his belfry. Really, this is all they got. Of course if he got elected, you would see the tire marks down his back from the squad, shumer and pelosi. God help us all.

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