• LIes, lies, and liars... deceitful legislation by disgustingly corrupt members of Congress who would sell out their children's future for perceived political gain and power... Yes, perceived as most of them are mere puppets, cogs in the Marxist Machine... disposable parts of a globalist conspiracy to enslave us all.

    • Well we know what sewer dwellers they are.  Now what do we do??   Watch?

  • Time we hear the truth from our elected officials stopped lying to the people.

  • We need this man and more like him.

  • TERM LIMITS.A talk show host I was listening to went through how many years some of these slimeballs have been in office and many have been for over 40 years. WAY TOO LONG

  • God Bless the table flippers!!! Could this be Trump/s legacy?

  • On fire... needs to translate into effective solutions... burning down the House will not result in saving our Constitutional Republic.  We need these federal reps to work with their state governments to craft anti-commandeering and nullification legislation... too, get their States to sign on to an Article 5 Convention... etc.

    • Thank you Ron. a few days ago I chastised you for merely speaking about problems (good but not enough) and not offering your ideas of solutions. Your comment here is improved.

  • Instead of using nets to catch the swamp critters we need dynamite catch more that way.

  • This is NOT a COVID BILL for us, this is socialist PELOSI's pet projects----$14 BILLION for foreign countries--$MILLIONS TO BAIL OUT California and New York., poor managed states.

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