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  • If his lips move......

    So safe. How safe?  Safe enough to keel right over while saying how excited she was to get the vaxx ( nurse) and who straight up died

    That safe? Seems pretty safe to me. Nope. I just wouldn't bother worrying about binding some strange spike protein with my body that can cross the blood brain barrier and turn me into a 5G tower and, or change my defense system into an auto self'- attack mode or attack my.dna or my energy carriers? Seriously, what could go wrong with any of that? They are all from the government and they are here to help. Right?



  • Fauchi was called Dr. Genocide in the 80's and Gates is a serial killer bent on the demise of humanity. The Gates/Fauchi/WHO depop, DNA altering TOXIC injection seems to kill off: Goyim. Blacks, Mexicans,Asians, Whites.... hmmmmm... wonder how many Jews died from the jab? Yup. That's what we all thought! They take the saline/placebo while the rest of us get POISON! Wake the fkuck up sheeple. THIS IS THE JEW WORLD ORDER!

    • Pamela, everything you list really doesn't hang together. 

      We are all in peril, but not from something so simple as ethnic strife.

      The perpetrators are World class super wealthy villanous jerks, that look at the expanding total population as vermin infesting THEIR World.

      I will admit that their alarm does have some merit, since the total numbers from just the 20th century are like no numbers ever recorded in history.

      Historical Population of World, 1 AD to Future

      But the means intended, to correct it (genocide) is EVIL.

    • Pamela ... we don't need your anti-Semitic crap on TPO ... take it to CNN.

    • Duly noted. B.T.W. My beloved Mother is Jewish. She always told me that the pharasee's that crucified Jesus are the same angry ones that RULE the world today. There are Jews and there are Zionists.


    • Angry people are indeed the Worlds instigators, and some are likely jewish (for example the shunned jew George Soros). But overwhelmingly, jewish folks are decent, law-abiding, and just trying to live a life.

    • I agree. Soros among others. The Evils of Zionism.


      Zionism: A Power Cult Of Greed, Evil - Take Back America Pt 6
    • Mr. Schwarz needs to look further back than the 1700s for people seeking religious freedom from a romanized secular oppression.

      The Calvinists were hitting the American continent in the second half of the 1600s, surely.

      I enjoyed the recent movie, "The Witch", for offering an insightful grasp of the situation.

  • What a liair!

  •  What a liar!

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