• Yes. It was to shut down the debate and allow them to INFLICT their C.C.P.'s CHOSEN GOEBBELIST on us.

    WARNING D.C.                       REMOVE THE BOOT!

  • The enemy within trying to make us LOOK LIKE THEM!

  • Why did the DC mayor claim to have called in the national guard, yet Trump called them in? Someone wasn't expecting a peaceful event and totally blew it out of proportion

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    • Mike, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!


  • Of course they did!  This was to benefit the Biden crowd and try to destroy Trump - again!  

  • The woman who was killed (by capitol police) was a Trump supporter. I got this information from the New York Post.

    As a result of this Kelly Lofler (Not sure if I have her last name right- the candidate from Georgia who just lost )  changed and withdrew her objection to the electoral votes.

    Is all hope lost?



  • the devildemocommiecrat brown shirts, antifa terrorists push peaceful people aside, are let in by police loyal to a devildemocommiecrat mayor, and create violence and chaos to be blamed on those not causing the problem.  the Pravda/Goebbels media is full of satanic liars eager to label the peaceful violent and the violent peaceful to push their evil agenda!!!!!

    • You have it !!!!

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