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  • She is disgusting. She slept her way to the top according to Willie Brown. Now she's a globalist whore. She can barely contain herself and the riches she expects to get if Biden wins. She has referred to a "Harris" Freudian slip. Like the Obamas who can afford 4 multimillion dollar pays BIG to sell out yr country.

    On twitter you can say Trump should be assassinated, post pictures of his head on fire, etc. But I referred to her as a globalist whore and was banned for 7 mos. Sign of the times. Good is called evil and evil is called good. 

  • I was SHOCKED to learn that Kamala Harris SLEPT with Willie Brown to get her the Attorney General job in CA!!!!


    They have a deal to co-write and co-produce the screenplay.  

  • That's Klamy for you (seriously I've had her so you keep her).

  • Did you see where she took money from lawyers so that she would not prosecute the priest in california for sexual abuse.

  • Harris would slit a baby's throat to get ahead 

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