• Perfect message! These are basic guidelines for kids in low-income neighborhoods that have few examples to follow to success. Only Black Conservatives can "Fix" Black poverty and crime . BLM has NO right or power to tell ANYONE what to do or say, and NO ONE, not an individual or a company, should EVER bow to the illegal demands of Terrorists.

  • Wake up BLM are communist they are enemies of the country stop giving into them.

    • 2 females came from africa and started blm to get money for themselves, they are not Americans, they donate most of the money to marxist political candidates.

  • BLM is a communist organization. Letting them set the narrative is STUPID

  • What if you have the same message with white poepls in it ? Try it !

  • Star Parker you are the kind of good American citizen we need in our comunities and government. Giving people a recipe for success that works for any skin color, and creates good selfreliant men, women and families. It is not the way the democrat communist hate machine wants people to be. God Bless you.

    • Star is right on the money ... known about her for some time ... damn good woman.


  • When are these companies going to stop enabling these idiots

    • When companies percieve a loss of revenue for doing so.

    • AMEN!

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