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  • These are the same questions the German People asked about the Brown Shirts...  the only answer they received was a free train ride to a summer camp bathhouse with a shower included. Be careful what you ask, as it may be bad for one's health.  And never take free train tickets from a man wearing a Brown Shirt with a Navaho symbol for good luck on his sleave.

    • I have asked Americans over and over when they thought the Jews knew their fate.  Their valuables were taken, they were disarmed, they were labelled and forced to wear an identifying arm band I think.  They were eventually put in Ghettos. That was followed by heartlessly being loaded on trains and told they were going to "work camps."  Once there they were separated by gended and age. Some were eliminated almost immediately others were put in some sort of group make shift barracks, worked as long as they were physically able and at some point "disinfected" in gas chambers.  Heartlessly and coldly murdered. Others were used for experiemental "tests"  We'll never know the horror they experienced there.  But is started with lies, deception and tyrannical disarming etc.  History always repeats itself. I NEVER expected to see what I have happen in this country. In fact and effect, we already under "house arrest." We're also being conditioned for worse as evidenced by mandatory masks, closed schools, tracking and tracing, We are monitored 24/7.  Our computers keep records and I think photos also.  

    • That is why the Second Amendment is so very important.  One of the first thing the Nazis did was disarm German citizens.  We won't allow that to happen in the US.  The Second Amendment is not about hunting.  It is about allowing citizens to stop oppressive, tyranical government.


  • I can believe it!  I remember watching a documentary called "Black men mean streets", they said that the objective of the ACLU was to break the back of law enforcement. It also stated that if not for the black male; the country would have a low criminality problem. The show was not aired in Maryland, I watched it in Virginia when I was in the Army. It is really strange that nowadays the FBI says the biggest threat to national security is white supremacist groups? If you ask me, it seems this is all about a political power agenda, and has little to do with historical facts!

    All of this is Communist style tactics, that seems to be overtaking the country, I think this is just one reason the Democrats hated Donald Trump, in exposing this type of political corruption!

    I like supporting the CSPOA  8627826877?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • I LOVE sheriffs.  I must ask however what you think "Politics,and "historical facts" tell us. I think it's repleat with aggressive political power grabs.  "Grabs" may be too gentle word for what has happened time and time again.

    • I agree, maybe subversion would be a better word? They sure as heck aren't representing the people!

    • YES!


  • Shoot a few of them and the others will stop the BS

  • I guess they ANTIFA will be back at the Capital tommorrow presenting themselves as MAGA.

  • The far left extremist communists can't ever get anything right. They are all about destruction.

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