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  • I believe GA is now having some sort of an Leftist "insurrectionf."

  • The Local Police's plan of action in these troubled Democrat-run cities is to facilitate Antifa ...  Insurrection is the product of the Marxist Democrat Party..  Pres. Trump should have arrested the Mayors and Governors who have aided and abetted Antifa and BLM ... Instead, Trump's ineffective actions only ENCOURAGED more violence and the proliferation of Antifa and BLM  as they doubled down not their violence... doing so with impunity.

  • Antifa is a well funded, well organized terrorist group of anarchists.  I think the evidence is clear that Antifa is funded by George Soros and sanctioned by the democrats/communists.  Antifa is the equivalent of Hitler's brown shirt thugs.  Antifa wil succeed in overwhelming law enforcement only in areas controlled by democrats/communists; failed big cities and very liberal states.  

    • Quite now... don't tell the FBI who is behind all the violent riots, looting, arson, murder, and mayhem.... they are still looking for the KKK and Proud Boys ... and they remain focused on the White Militia, wherever they are while letting BLM and Antifa burn down our major cities and wreak havoc on our social order... all with impunity as we all know its the KKK and Proud Boys we need to round up.

  • It is my belief that ANTFA IS a domestic terrorist group with considerable training that, again I believe, is likely funded by Soros and the Left. Perhaps Soros' Open Society or one his other tentacles. I think they've been paid also as have many of those "protesting" in Portland etc. 

  • I really don't think Anyone actually understands what or who the hell ANTIFA Is... I sure as hell don't..! I think Only Leftists Really Know what it is about because they had to have been behind the creation of them..! They are the ones that Overlook Everything they do..! All I can say is that I am certain that they satisfy the Leftist Democrats..!  Malitias want to take on Evil - Then Portland Would Be The Place To Start..!

  • "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

    • Excellent comment.

    • Patriots unite! free or die.  God Help America, ATV.

  • They should just eliminate these people, one person at a time.  They add nothing to society,  full of hate and violence and my question is:  what do they want after they eliminated the police department of Portland?  Who are they going to turn on next?  

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