Washington Post Goes Full Commie


Heritage’s John Cooper tweeted: “When your masthead bears the slogan ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ a headline like this seems pretty tone-deaf, considering ‘young Chinese’ have no access to information or media not sanctioned or allowed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

But it isn’t just the headline.

What follows is from a “real” news story published in WaPo’s “Asia & Pacific” section, and not on the furthest left side of its crazy op-ed page.

After seven decades in power, the ruling party has faced potentially existential challenges over the past year, from pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and an economic slowdown to a devastating coronavirus and, most recently, once-in-a-generation floods that have wreaked destruction across central China.

But far from diminishing its stature at home, as some in the Trump administration appear to believe, the party’s response to some of these crises has helped solidify the support of existing and aspiring members — or at least neutralized grumbling.


That’s right: WaPo’s Anna Fifield actually wrote a puff-piece celebrating that scrappy little Chinese Communist Party for overcoming long odds in a difficult year.

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  • Stop and think about it, go back and look at some of the news reports out of Vietnam, in the 60's and 70's; wapo and a whole bunch of other propaganda peddlers have been full-blown commie ever since that time.  They lied about our military actions in Nam, they turned the nation and most college student against, both the war and our military.  Research some of the propaganda the news rags put out and then read Richard Botkin's "Ride the Thunder".  It will tear your heart out.

  • Mao with something like a full head of hair? I don't think I've seen him with anything other than a bald head, or at most a head with a receding hairline. This is almost as bad as the "socialist realism" of MLK in DC, a statue that not only doesn't look like him but also has none of the energy that drove the man. 

  • I would not line my bird cage with this crap paper.

  • I;ve been calling the Washington Post the Washington Pravda for 50 years.

  • Burn down Washington Post since they are communist!! NO COMMUNIST IN AMERICA!!

This reply was deleted.