Deplatform Hate is the latest antifa-allied initiative designed to strip conservatives of their online presence. Deplatform Hate consists of a hand-selected gang of socialists funded by an unnamed “progressive not-for-profit”. Deplatform Hate pledges to dox Trump supporters who they conflate with nazis.

With the enthusiastic blessing of the establishment media, several antifa-loving individuals have been selected to represent Deplatform Hate. These self-proclaimed anti-fascists have gained respect and notoriety for their skill in doxxing the “far-right”, an umbrella term applied to non-socialists.

While the group does not appear to have any particular skill set other than stalking conservatives online, they do have a large social media presence. Christian Exoo, 39, known to his followers on Twitter as “AntiFash Gordon” has 56.6k followers at the time of this writing. He declared on Twitter earlier this month that the “goal” of Deplatform Hate is to “kick the far-right off the internet.”

“We’re tearing out the far-right movement’s digital roots,” the Deplatform Hate website declares.

White supremacists are not limited to Trump supporters for Exoo, “We fight the police. The police are absolutely a white supremacist institution,” he noted.


Leftist activist journalist Andy Kroll referred to Exoo as Deplatform Hate’s “de facto leader” in a gushing article at Rolling Stone Magazine. According to the piece, the socialists were brought together by “a progressive not-for-profit” who paid them ostensibly “to watch for and prevent election-related violence”:

“Nearly all of them identified as anti-fascists, and all had years of experience infiltrating and exposing the online far right. They had been brought together by a progressive not-for-profit to watch for and prevent election-related violence, for which they would receive a modest stipend for several weeks of work.”

Sleeping Giants

The “Progressive not-for profit” group funding the effort was unnamed, of course. However, Deplatform Hate has an alliance with “Sleeping Giants,” whose self-proclaimed founder Nandini Jammi left because of white privilege, or something. She bragged in July that Sleeping Giants “built a community of 400,000+ followers, who helped us lose Breitbart 90% of its ad revenues, put Bill O’Reilly out of a job and deplatform hate figures like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos.”

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  • Satan is alive and well in America

  • Why can't Conservatives start doing the same. We just let them do it. I would not know how  but bet there are a lot of Conservatives who would. It is called fighting fire with fire. 

    • It is also called stooping to theri level of insanity and hate. Is that really what you want the conservatives to do, debase themselves in the same manner as these little pricks???

  • Hopefully these scumbags end up in a cell at GITMO.

  • Shove it anti t shitheads

  • Molly, Christian, Abner and Talid need to be deplatformed from the planet! PERIOD!

    • Sounds good to me!  Maybe some vigilanty group could find them and dispose of them one at a time!

    • sounds to me like sooner or later we conservatives will all be tagged vigilanties  if that's the case SO BE IT.  I am tired of these communist.  

    • Maybe we need to become vigilanties just to survive. Like the old saying is( when there is no law, we take the law into our own hands.)  And these people look like they are on drugs.

    • My thoughts too!


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