• 75 million Americans can clearly see that Trump made America great again in four short years and that he deserves a second term. Who would have thought that Trump could clean up the country and make it great again when he took over the chaos and fiscal problems obummer left behind in January 2017? Not only did he have tremendous achievments inside the US, he also won a trade war with China, he brought Iran to its knees, and he pacified the Korean peninsular. He is the most accomplished president in my lifetime.

    • Paul, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  I am 71 and he is the best I have seen.

  • The Totalitarian hammer is coming down on our heads in 8 days. Antif is attacking all 50 states on the 20th. Be ready people. We're at war from within AND without. The media is trying to hype it like its WE THE PEOPLE they're scared of. Find your spot and Snipe the shit out of them! IT"S OKAY TO KILL THE ENEMY!!!!

  • Anti Trumpers are Like cult members only they were feed "Karl Marx" and "Saul Alinsky".

    • That's right Michael. Anti-Trumpers are brainwashed. They don't understand how educated and aware patriots can be 100% loyal to the most honest and transparent president ever. But we the people will remain firm and we will continue to support President Trump no matter what.

  • The deranged demonrats don't know what to do with real American patriots who are paying attention, who uphold their pledge of allegiance to Trump and therefore to the country, and who are 100% loyal to the President of the United States no matter what. No wonder they think we the people need to be brainwashed or re-programmed.

  • If Biden stays it may become impossible to reverse this trend, and then Trump become an interim president between freedom and this

  • They just have to follow the instructions being given them from the CCP. If the can't understand Chinese they can try Russian . Those countries have on going programs. They usually round up all the useless idiots first they should be very careful.

  • Persecution of dissenters is major part of overthrowing Gov't & these steps have been put in place over the past decades as Soros bought into every media market & set up his more than 100 (est to 200) subversive organizations that he sponsors to silence conservative & Christian (he is atheist) & other voices. He makes his billions by collapsing economies (Ven etc) & confiscation of property. Before America is disarmed by  dem Congress, conservatives MUST unite since we are "canceled" one at a time!  

  • How do we reprogram communist who hate America and President Trump?  The communist are controlled by Satan so Jesus Christ is the only answer.

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