• Good luck doing that you ignorant boneheads

  • Everyone ignore these two ignorant black racist commies! No body is going to"deprogram" us! God Bless America

  • Right now, the democommies biggest fear is what will be exposed, to the world, from their laptops that were stolen from their offices, last Wednesday.  That alone, is one of the reasons nutty nan is attempting to throw President Trump out of office as fast as she possibly can.  I do not believe she will have time; the plan that has been in the works, for the past four years, is about to be exposed and the democommies will be "put away" - -I sincerely believe that.  I believe God IS still in charge and DJT is doing everything he can to assist.

  • devildemocommiecrats are demon possessed!!!!!  They know exactly what they are doing and want to put all conservatives into the FEMA concentration camps built, staffed, and stocked by g w bush, a globalist TRAITOR!!!!!

  • 75 million votes were counted but millions of votes were destroyed and not counted this is what they fear because their fake president votes came by illegal votes dead votes and  million votes which were created their fake president has no more than 40 percent of legal votes and I will always support President Trump.

  • ..And freedom of speech.

  •  I for one stand with President Trump because of what He stands for.I don't think the media or the politicians including the swamp get it. I stand for our flag. freedom of religion. pro 2nd amendment .Legal citizenship. pro life. school choice. pro America. I cannot be programmed I know our freedom depends on it.

    • Ann, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  I am with you 100%

  • 75 million people NOT  a cult a movement

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