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The defining photograph of the attempted insurrection on Jan. 6 was that of a man strolling through the broken halls of our national Capitol, amid the smashed windows and assorted rubble of the failed coup, proudly brandishing a Confederate flag on his shoulder and hoping to overturn an election decided largely by Black voters. It’s an image that tells the story not only of Jan. 6 or of the Trump presidency, but also of all the steps that led to that moment — the whole history of hate in America captured in one frame.

This deadly connection between white supremacy and guns runs throughout our history. In 1866, armed Confederate loyalists stormed the Louisiana Constitutional Convention, murdering 34 Black Americans in an attempt to block suffrage for freed slaves. In 1898, an armed White mob in Wilmington, N.C., proclaimed a “White Declaration of Independence,” then killed at least 60 residents before replacing the multiracial local government with white supremacists. In 1921, mobs of armed White residents of Tulsa attacked the Black neighborhood of Greenwood, murdering as many as 300 Tulsans for the crime of being Black and successful. In 1955, ­Emmett Till was tortured and shot in the head by White vigilantes. And today, mass shootings – from the church in Charleston to the supermarket in El Paso to the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis. — have been committed by white supremacists filled with hate and armed with a gun.

Simply put, if the Confederate flag is the primary symbol of white-supremacist hate, the gun is its deadliest weapon.

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  • I wish there were a nightly Prime Time hour long show that listed and dissected ALL MSM LIES FROM THE PREVIOUS DAY!!

    • Good idea but I think it would take a least 2 hours.


    • AT LEAST is an understatement.  Their lies would take days to lay out if we laid out all of them!!!!!!!!!!

  • White Supremacist,Racist,Xenophobe.Privileged,WOLF,WOLF!!

    But the Democrats and their Black ISIS and Antifa TERRORIST ARMY are free to roam and God help you if you defend yourself from their Roaming Horde of Terrorists. The law won't look to kindly on you for it. 

    It's starting to get dangerous for Tyrannical leftists who get too close to me,these days. 

    • Federal, State, and Local police and prosecutors need to be placed on notice... when Trump returns many of them will find themselves on the Court Docket awaiting trial for felonies.... and many prosecutors will be impeached, fired, and charged with criminal acts for illegally detaining and prosecuting patriots who did nothing more than defend themselves.  Just because they are members of the police or judicial system doesn't mean they are exempt from DOMESTIC TERRORISM LAWS...

      When law enforcement acts like terrorists they need to be swiftly and severely prosecuted as terrorists... and when prosecutors become terrorists they need to not only be prosecuted ... they need their law licenses revoked.

    • Phil, you are correct.  I have written several blog articles about leftist hypocrisy that applauds antifa and blm anarchist terrorism while condemning conservatives for peacefully making our voies heard.  Sadly, I am old and very disabled so can't really make it dangerous for leftists.  Fortunately I live in rural Oklahoma where I don't find many, if any, libtards!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with admin Dee. These people have mental issues. They need to be treated in a mental institution or in a re-education camp. 

  • I don't know what the Left hates the most and frankly I don't care. BUT, we cannot give into the destruction of the Second Ammentment. 

    • Valerie, they hate God the most but ALL people and things related to God, including America, the Constitution, President Trump, and anyone supporting President Trump. They also hate any lack of control of what the so hate!!!!!!!!!!

    • They are then "satanic," and copying Lucifer.

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