How 'Let's Go Brandon!' became a national social media sensation | Fox News

On a quiet street south of downtown Boise, Michael Dick has festooned his front yard with homemade signs, including a large yellow placard that facetiously thanks President Biden for a growing list of grievances — $4-a-gallon gas, inflation, Afghanistan, covid-19. In capital letters in black marker, Dick, 59, recently added "dead civilians" and "dead U.S. soldiers" to his bill of particulars.

On Wednesday, when the president visited Scranton, Pa., he was greeted at the corner of Biden Street by a woman holding a handmade “F--- Joe Biden” sign, with an American flag as the vowel in the offending word. And back in Boise, Rod Johnson, a retired gunsmith, has hung a blue flag from the roof of his home that reads “F--- Biden.” Underneath, in smaller letters, he added, “And f--- you for voting for him!!” 

“I’m not the only Republican that doesn’t like Biden,” Johnson, 68, said in an interview, sporting a red “Proud White American” hat and puffing a skinny cigar. “I just chose to show it.”

During the 2020 presidential campaign, one of Biden’s political superpowers was his sheer inoffensiveness, the way he often managed to embody — even to those who didn’t like him — the innocuous grandfather, the bumbling uncle, the leader who could make America calm, steady, even boring again after four years of Donald Trump.


But it’s clear that after nine months in office, Biden — or at least what he represents — is increasingly becoming an object of hatred to many Trump supporters. The vitriol partly reflects Trump’s own repeated baseless claims that Biden is a usurper, depriving him of his rightful claim to the presidency, and partly stems from Biden actions that Republicans deplore, from his spending plans to his immigration policies.

Yet the anger also demonstrates how a political party or cause often needs an enemy, a target of vilification that can unite its adherents — and, in this case, one refracted through the harshness, norm-breaking and vulgarity of the Trump era.

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  • The simple fact of life is "There are people who absolutely justify the need for Bullying!" Otherwise they grow to be adults and behave like Bidens!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Donald J Trump is a pragmatist. He gets things done and is not just talk. His openness, and sometimes abruptness, shocked many from both major political parties. He told things exactly as they were and some even took offense to that. Mostly because they were used to everything being sugar coated and lied about by presidents to appease the public and their supporters.

    Donald J Trump was and is not that way. He calls a spade a spade and that approach was and still is rather refreshing to a huge majority of Americans. In any case he had America back on track to be great again then biden came along and immediately began undoing everything Trump had done to get America back on track. First he cancelled the Keystone pipeline thinking it seems that is what Americans wanted but he was wrong. Then he began his cascade of EO’s that reversed nearly all the progress Trump had made. However biden has been wrong about everything he has done so far! Everything. He has not gotten one thing right so far! Now biden wants to raise taxes and no matter what biden says or lies about he plans to raise taxes on every individual in this country. To this date biden has mucked up everything he has touched and everything he has touched has gotten worse for all Americans regardless of political party. He has, as a matter of fact, done so many things wrong it is nearly impossible to list them all in one post!

    I kept track of Trumps accomplishment for two years and that covers, double spaced, seventeen pages. I have not so far kept track of bidens screw ups but there is little doubt in my mind they would take many pages to cover at the end of two years if he even makes it that far. Which by-the-way I doubt!

    • Pragmatism works only where moral and cultural values are not compromised...  The problem with political pragmatists is that they have never seen a compromise they didn't like, as long as they can make a deal.  THEY HAVE NO MORAL CORE.

      Trump is not a hard-core pragmatist ... in business, pragmatism may work, as business deals usually involve issues with minimal or no cultural or moral impact.  I would not want to be labeled as a political pragmatist... this is especially true in a political system where the norm is cultural debauchery and moral decadence.  What many today see as reasonable is not what our Parents and forefathers would consider normal or morally acceptable. 

      Getting things done... anything... while marginalizing the moral impact and cultural effect on society is often considered pragmatic today. RINO's are very pragmatic. They have never seen a Bill or Act they could not find bipartisan agreement or compromise.  Often voting for Bills or Acts, that are superfluous, unconstitutional, immoral, and culturally deblitating.  The RINO, like many pragmatists today, simply has little or no core moral value system.

    • Colonel, who better?

      As woefully ill-prepared as we are, are we better off as force of a leaderless irregular confederation?

      Without a leadership figurehead (not a Biden woodenhead), how shall any patriotic effort function?

    • Exactly...  The people need leadership that can inspire and mobilize them.  A leader capable of organizing the masses to accomplish their common purpose... in this case a return to Constitutional Government.

    • Good to know. I ws afraid malaise was creepng up on you.

    • Compromise is not always the answer.   

      I have a lot of negotiating experience.   Have seen lots of styles.   Bottom lining, which I do not support.   Meeting in the middle.   I also frown on as if one is not careful it can compromise the whole project  to the point of producing garbage.




    • One can not raise the taxes on the wealthy without hurting the poor... tax the rich and they simply fund the new tax burden by increasing their rents, rates for services, and the costs of their retail merchandise.  The Wealthy don't pay taxes that they can pass along to others.  Wake up, do you actually think a landlord will absorb a new tax, or will he simply raise his rents to cover the tax?

      Corporations treat taxes as expenses... they factor in their tax liability into the costs of their products and services... corporate taxes are largely funded with consumers dollars... dollars consumers would keep if corporations were not taxed.   Stop drinking the kool-aide...  Warren Buffet said it all when he quipped that he pays less in taxes than his secretary.... wake up, the wealthy pass on their taxes and take advantage of tax loopholes and havens the middle class and poor don't have.  The very definition of income can become a tax loophole... as there are many ways to receive wealth without calling or defining it as income.

    • Rates mean next to nothing.   It is the laws that politicians have put into place to protect their own interests that make the rates irrelevant. 

      100% of nothing is still nothing.   Reduce the TAXABLE INCOME to as close to zero as legally possible.  That should be everyone's goal.    The successful folks are the ones that have figured it out and manage their money accordingly.   ONLY FOOLS VOTE TO INCREASE THE RATES.    DEMAND THAT the politicians CUT THE THINGS THAT ARE DEDUCTIBLES.

      Remember John Kerry docking his boat in another close state to avoid the $400,000 tax he would have incurred by docking in Massachusetts where the Kerrys have a home?   I do.   He said he'd move it, but never got around to it.   Massachusetts may overtax, but they cannot tax what sits next door.    WHAT WOULD YOU DO?   Maybe MA should reduce their tax rate and start collecting?

    • The Marxists are not satisfied with taxing realized income (earned income) they are now considering taxing 'unrealized capital gains' by taxing the increase in the value of one's assets annually. If one thinks defining 'taxable Income' for tax purposes is problematic, it becomes child's play, when compared to establishing taxable unrealized capital gains. 

      Computing the tax on 'Unrealized Capital Gains' is very problematic and a highly debatable process... The taxable amount of 'Unrealized Capital Gain' can be a widely variable figure. Using current accounting practices, appraisals, depreciation formulas, and the complex estimates of current worth... too, arrive at a taxable figure.  One must first agree on the ORIGINAL and CURRENT value of a wide range of assets. Rules for calculating gains and losses to asset values must be defined for a wide range of assets: real property, art, jewelry, stocks, bonds, derivatives, options, intellectual property, royalties, and on and on.

      The process for determining the taxable amount for 'Unrealized Capital Gains' will be fraught with loopholes and legal arguments challenges to the taxable gains or losses.  This process will become a real boondoggle for tax professionals: lawyers, accountants, appraisers, etc.  I see no way to create a fair system to tax the undefined and imaginary figure of unrealized capital gains.  The IRS will simply pick a figure from out of the air and let the challenges and appeals begin.

      Currently, these assets... real property, shares, unused options, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, artworks, debentures, and a wide range of financial instruments, contracts, and currency funds... aren’t taxable until they are sold or converted to cash. Only then do they become taxable, usually at capital gains tax rates. This is how wealth is grown without paying a cent in taxes. However, these currently untaxed assets are leveraged to supply the large sums of private capital needed to expand our nation's economy and enterprise.  Tax them and that capital will leave for nations with favorable tax laws.

      The Marxists want to tax unrealized (not sold yet) capital assets... Taxing such assets will result in the wealthy moving those assets out of the USA, along with the jobs and financial resources that provide the liquidity needed to finance a consumer-based economy.  It will destroy our free enterprise system and the Marxist know it. Taxing 'unrealized capital gains' is a very dangerous and complex issue... if permitted it will prove to be the final blow that destroys our CAPITALIST SYSTEM. 

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