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  • This China virus was a set-up by the DemonRats, Liberal Media, Big Tech and Dr, Fauci to steal the election.  One they had the fraudulent mail-in voting, they knew they could steal the election.  Everyone involved needs to be investigated including Obama.  The problem is the DOJ, CIA, FBI are fraudulent too.

  • I relayed this months ago. Fauci was working on this years ago under Obama and was told desist, he did not, he just moved his research to China. I will call out Fauci. Research this back to the Obama Administration, you will have your eyes opened.

  • Let's roll!

  • I hope they all get exposed and jailed

  • In gerneal most of the investigations within the last 5 years have been utter nonsense.  However, this would be a worthwhile investigation, but it would not go deep enough.  Not only Fauci, but the entire NIH and several "private" citizens needs to be investigate like Bill Gates and George Soros.

    • And obama. This article from 2016 describes the goal.

      Obama Has Covertly Signed the US Over to the United Nations | The Common Sense Show
        Agenda 2030 is often referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids. We talk and write about Agenda 2030 as if it were something that will someday come…
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