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Leni Valenta

CEO of The Institute of Post-Communist/Terrorism Studies (jvlv.net). Blogger with RIAC.

On this inauguration day of Joe Biden, Congress is reviewing the affidavit of one Arturo D'Elia, who has confessed to giving the U.S. election to Joe Biden through cyberwar tactics. There has been a complete news blackout of this story here, but not in Rome where D'Elia did the dirty deed through as a high-ranking member of an Italian Defense Contractor, Leonardo SpA. His affidavit has been published in a number of places on line including the Marshall Report.. Some suspect Italian premiere Conte is involved.

Some of you may have already heard the White House ordered raid in mid-November on a CIA farm in Frankfort., Germany. The farm was in possession of Skytl servers which tabulate the votes from Dominion machines. The raid was apparently conducted by EUROCOMMAND and the U.S. 305th military division known as the Kraken. The story has been confirmed by Sidney Powell. General Thomas Mcinerny, Louis Ghomert (r) Texas among others. Why the CIA farm? Because Trump trusted CIA Director Gina Haspel and former director John Brennan as much as Washington trusted Benedict Arnold after West Point.  

You may be surprised to know that U.S. votes are tabulated in Barcelona, Frankfort, Serbia and Italy with input from China, Russia and Iran. In any even, the Sktyl machines revealed that Trump won by well over 300 electoral votes. Sidney Powell has all this information and has posted fraud material on her website.

What appears to have happened is that Trump's margin of victory was so large that the scammers appealed to the U.S. Embassy in Rome for help. Thereafter, D'Elia undertook the task of changing the algorithm to ensure Biden's victory. He accomplished it through "military grade cyberwar encryption capabilities," (I've seen mention of satellites) concentrating on certain states, probably the battleground ones. The affidavit of his confession has been posted in quite a few places.

In 2018 Trump signed an Executive Order preparing for a situation in which foreign interference might do just what it did in this one and that he could declare an insurrection perpetrated through foreign subversion. Since the material above has been given to Congress who knows what will happen. Likely nothing as the Dems are in power.

I am not suggesting that there is anything that can be done now to alter the election. Possession, it seems, is nine tenths of the law. Violence is never the way. Yet, so far, while Biden, invokes the words of democracy, he seeks to achieve "unifying" the country through intimidation, punishment, opprobrium and censorship with the help of Big Tech. That will only divide us further.

But given the fact that some Democrats are calling for taking Trump supporters' children away from them to be re-educated, and in light of all the censorship and propaganda destroying our free press, and the little Pavlik Morrisovs ratting on their parents and making them lose their jobs, it seems that the radical Dems are considering unifying the country by treating Trump supporters the way the Nazis treated the Jews. 

There will be no way to unite this country until Democrats understand that we are not white supremacists, racists, Nazis or other sludge that we have been called by fake news media. We are just like you, your neighbors, relatives, patriots, everyman and everywoman who were viewing a different media. The pain, the rage and the fear we feel is not because our candidate, like a favorite ball team, lost the election.  It’s the fear of losing America -- the one we have known and loved, and the safety, freedom, prosperity and hope we felt with Trump. The victors should try some charity and compassion. 

Am I frightened writing this--- no. I will be eighty next month and apparently it takes this old grandmother with nothing to lose stand up and tell you truth. But in the fading hours of the Trump administration, although my legs may be in quicksand, my feet still stand on the granite rock of the first amendment. 


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