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  • Defund the Department of Education. Stop giving student loans let the universities and colleges use their own money no more socialist education on a free country.

    • Somebody raised these jerks. If we want to cancel this kind of mindset, then we need to undo every single bit of Johnson's War on Poverty, and quit enabling certain groups of people, no matter what their color is. When I see EBT cards, I also see fat people. Fat people who I deduce are sitting on their rears. I bet they have 0bamaphones, lotto tickets, chips, pop, cable and I bet they play games. 

      Hard work is what enabled, p*ssed off people need. They actually need to grow things, fingers in the soil, watch and wait and pay attention, to the beautiful things, things seasonal, things that require patience. All this violence shows addiction to the violent things of this culture, metastacized into hatred for the thing they pay the most attention to, jealousy of what other people have, but have worked hard for, been patient while they worked. These people have no clue about what that means. Spiritually, they are as dead as rocks. They actually need less, before they can have more. Bottom up, as Van Jones would say, but in a totally different way. The lessons of gratitude go a long way. 

  • Wow, when you think of all the times the police supported the anti-America leftists, now the left is kickiing them in the bawls. Who woulda thought? Welcome to the good side of the force!

  • Republicans have committed whole-heartedly to protection of Frist Responders, both now and in the past... now it is time for the Unions to come out of the woodwork and make vocal and unristricted endorsment and support of President Trump and all other Republicans that support Trump/Pence.

    • The union employees at ford asked them to stop making Police cars. Unions are rabid liberals never happen..

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