• Wouldn't you love to see her doing a Benghazi evacuation?    Her cackle alone would get her maimed.

  • She is a disgrace. She should be stuck in that hell hole.

  • The very concept of any woman embracing the idealism of Islam, let alone those of the Taliban, is as repulsive to "Common Sense" as a "Blood Battle to be Head Leper of the Colony!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Watch out for the Hillary bitch ... she's on the move.

    • Amazing how many D women fit that description.

  • Evacuating a US Embassy under any circumstances IS NOT A SUCCESS... idiot.

  • Please bring back the Warner Brothers Cartoons! At least those were funny! These "Characters" just want to make America take "ExLax!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Those cartoons are on Boomerang, #327 on AT&T Uverse, every night. I sometimes watch them because I truly need a good laugh. I'm sure everyone does.


    • How about the Animaniacs series. I haven't seen a good 'Pinky and the Brain' episode in some time, and have had to settle for the NWO hijynx (depressingly lower caliber).

      Pinky and the Brain Theme Song Intro HQ with Lyrics - YouTube

  • she is an idiot, demon-possessed, and a sick-minded person compare with joe biden nothing like it.

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