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Former President Donald Trump took a victory lap over the theory that the Chinese coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

It “came from Wuhan, it came from the lab,” he said in an exclusive interview this week. “I don’t have a question: ‘Did it come from the lab?’ I have a question, ‘Did they do it on purpose, or was it an accident?’”

Most likely, the former president guesses, the virus escaped the Wuhan lab “through gross incompetence, and it got away from them [the Chinese authorities], and they panicked.”

“I don’t think they knew what to do,” he continued. “The one thing they did know to do is to shut it [Wuhan] off from the rest of China,” but not to “shut it [China] off to the outside world.”

Over the last month, a number of prominent scientists and science reporters have argued the so-called lab leak theory is plausible if not probable, challenging peers who spent months disparaging it as a conspiracy theory. Intelligence reported by the Wall Street Journal in May indicated several scientists at the WIV were hospitalized in November 2019, weeks before China’s “patient zero” was identified, fueling speculation about the lab leak theory.

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  • There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind the virus somehow escaped from the Wuhan laboratory. Whether it was intentional or not is another question. However, there is more reason to believe it was then to believe it was not. If it were not intentional why did the Chinese government restrict travel to the rest of China by possible infected residents of Wuhan but allow travel to the rest of the world. It is also reasonable to believe these socialist democrats took advantage of the virus to declare President Trump somehow at fault if in fact they too were not involved in the “escape” plan. If it was not perpetrated intentionally why was it used to assist defeating Trump’s reelection? Was it just because it presented itself very timely. There is no doubt the timing of this Wuhan virus was specifically aimed at removing Trump from office making it look even more suspicious. And with the main stream media using all its influence it succeeded in doing just that coupled of course with large amounts of fraud also made possible by the virus. Many of the voting integrity laws were changed making fraud much easier. Unrequested mail in ballets being mailed to everyone is only one of the fraud(s) perpetrated.

    Admittedly all the evidence is circumstantial however it always is in these kinds of cases there is never any hard fast evidence without some who were involved admitting guilt. However that circumstantial evidence does point to intentional. Furthermore understanding the Chinese government do we not know anyone who may have a tendency to spill the truth would systematically be “done away with.” They would just simply disappear. It is said Mao during his reign of terror in the twentieth century murdered over two hundred million Chinese citizens. He murdered anyone who was “suspected” of being a threat of any kind to his power. Consequently why would the world today not believe such a thing could not happen again? It is the same kind of government.

    Remember never allow a crisis to go to waste? In this case it is also obvious the so called democrats did not. Consequently there were many crisis going on at the same time. Keep in mind there were riots occurring throughout the whole country during the year preceding the election. Many continue even today. Which gives the so called democrats a reason to push gun controls. If we study the history of that bloody twentieth century in Europe and Asia we can see this is how many countries were taken over by marxism during that horrific time.

    In the final analysis there is currently an all out effort, by these marxist democrats, to destroy not only our constitution but our free enterprise economic system as well. This fact is becoming more obvious everyday! Once the guns are gone, and make no mistake Joe Biden is coming after them or at least he is fronting for those who are determined to take them, our freedoms are gone! The first and second amendments are going to go first. If America is to remain free that must never happen!

  • This virus was conceived for a purpose. It is unquestionably a bio-weapon of mass destruction. Its first USE was to steal the government of the USA and enable radical left wing ideology to be rammed down the throat of America. To imagine that anyone would create a lethal virus to somehow benefit mankind is beyond ridiculous. And to actually believe that it accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab is positively absurd.

    Fauci, Gates, and the rest of ‘The New World Order’ would like us to believe that the Chinese created a bio-weapon but before it could be strategically deployed, it slipped through a knothole and infected the entire world.

              ***  Only a democrat could believe that line of BULL$HIT  ***


  • Come back Trump!!!

  • We see Trump's vindication more and more.  It is just too bad the shameless and shamful democrats (I refuse to capitalize that word, they don't deserve it) and their allies in the msm refuse to open their eyes and their minds.

    • It seems to me the main stream is doing exactly what they intend to do.  Therefore I think their eyes are wide open.  If it were not for the main stream media most of what is happening today would not be happening.  They are making the effort to fundamentally transform this wonderful country into a communist or marxist country.  Without their lies the democrats wold not have a chance of success.  

    • Except for Stalin, none of the communist top leaders were malevolent.  I think we're witnessing a fundamental change towards a one world order, and that works only for people who belong in an insane asylum, a phenomenon of the American red vs blue politics, culminating in the bush and clinton era.

  • Accidents of this nature don't happen in level 4 bio-labs... and if one did it would not result in silence... it would result in a massive attempt to isolate Wuhan from the world... not business as usual until one can not deny the pandemic is taking place.  Want to know if it was on purpose... watch how China reacts to it... and as it becomes crystal clear watch her military's readiness. levels and deployment... as they prepare for war... 

    • You are correct!  

    • As I recall from reports I have seen recently their is a genetic code in these alledged mutations that does not occur in nature.  I believe it is a double CCG, but if we have any physicians or researchers on the group maybe they can verify that.


    • Several genetic markers indicate human manipulation of the COVID 19 virus... genetic markers not found in nature appear in the COVID 19 genome... 

      China refused to provide the genetic map (genome) for COVID 19 when it first hit the world... Because of their refusal the research for a cure and effective clinical therapy for the pandemic was seriously delayed and many have necessarily died.

      China continues to drag its feet on opening up the full history of its manipulation and research on this deadly virus.  I would not be surprised to discover they have a vaccine and a proven treatment but are holding back on releasing it... reserving it for senior party members.  Genocide is not out of the question in the Marxist ideology... it is either convert or die... either red or dead. 

      One doesn't release a pandemic as a weapon without first having a treatment therapy and or vaccine. 

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