• I would not let them touch me with a ten foot pole but they are now not even waiting for people to come to them...they are now bringing the injection assaults to your door!  I live in a senior community apartment complex.  They brought the toxic shots in TO MY BUILDING some weeks ago.  Since then, I have seen ambulances here over half a dozen times and wouldn't be surprised if many of those treated ended up having been new victims of the vaccine.  I'm telling my  6 children and their posterity to just say NO! to drugs, alcohol...and VACCINES!

  • History seldom creates, history most always repeats. Sometime, perhaps, the people may realize the fault lies within them.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Many of my friends have died in Nursing homes & ALL think it was because of the Gates/Fudgy Woke Poke! Massive Heart Attacks! A lady friend took the Death Shot & DIED THE VERY NEXT DAY! This COVERT is to LOWER THE WORLD POPULATION! GATES wants the world population from 8 Billion TO 8 Million! GUESS WHAT BILLIONS WILL DIE FROM THESE SHOTS & BOOSTERS TO COME!!

    • From with reported experimentation with these vaccines on ferrets and Guinea pigs, all test animals died within two months. 

      Scaling the effect to human body mass, it may take two or three years to see the eventual mortalities of just the first two injections (perhaps making a third or more injections unnecessary?).

      This looks like geronticide (gerontocide or senicide is all the same; murder).

  • In my entire life "No one from the Government was ever there to help me that was not " prepaid" by me, or totally nonrequested and detrimental to my needs.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • And this is why millions are marching in protest around the world.  Will we be resprcted in our desire to just say NO! to the shot here in America?  We the people MUST stand for preserving that freedom!

  • Relatives of nursing home pstients need to SUE .

  • Need more pressure here.  Any evidence to support the early lethal NH deaths were caused by testing a mRNA vaccine that went horribly wrong and the pandemic was used as cover?

  • If I had my parents in a place like that I will get them fast and if they use the vaccine on them without my approval I will sued them this is America and the government has no control of your life 

  • First off it's not a Vaccine. It's Experimental Gene Therapy. They are using people as Lab Rats trying to alter our DNA. Big Pharma wants everyone sick and this shot will accomplish that, Plus the Globalists puts their Depopulation agenda in action. As of 7/2/2021 9,048 people have died from the fake Vaccine


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