HUGE!!!! ECHO!!!! Relating to the post below. There is a link to this video testimony of an ITALIAN JUDGE about LEONARDO’S role in switching votes from President Trump to Joe Biden!!!!

-- Tommy Robinson TommyRobinson Saturday, January 9, 2021

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    • Phil ,either ignored or just laughed at by the scum demopigs

  • Retired General McInerny speaks about this election fraud, the storming of the capital and what happens next! He claims a few military personnel infiltrated antifa while storming the capital & seized Pelosi & other’s laptops! It was a sting operation! They have all the evidence now of treason!Many corrupt organized crime politicians are going to face military trials & go to prison! Trump card surprise any day now!’s a doozy!:


    • John wouldn't they need a warrent to make it legal and stand up in court?

    • nothing is going to happen, the deep state owns the supreme court and less than a dozen republicans in both houses combined will even try to do anything!!!!!

  • I had a hard time understanding him,  I wish it was also in written form!

    • He said Pelosi is "frantic!"

    • She is frantic for a couple of reasons. She and biteme played a game with Chy na that if she got the codes from Trump, then chy na could be free to invade Taiwan. And they played a game with I ran so that I ran can play with a nice big nuke. Nice gig, huh? Sell out an entire country, oh, make that two. Plus, set up Israel for war. So, make it three they set up

      Worse than treason. If the shoe fits, which it does.

    • when they attack Israel they will be decimated because God will defend them.  Sadly, America will also lose because the devildemocommiecrats hate Israel and won't help them!!!!!!!!!!

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