After a decadeslong relationship with megastar host Nick Cannon, ViacomCBS terminated their association after public furor over anti-Semitic rants he posted on his podcast show.

The bizarre comments from Cannon resurfaced from a show he published in 2019 and resulted in condemnations from numerous Jewish groups.

"ViacomCBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism," the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

"We have spoken with Nick Cannon about an episode of his podcast 'Cannon's Class' on YouTube, which promoted hate speech and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories," the company added.

"While we support ongoing education and dialogue in the fight against bigotry, we are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him," the statement said.

"We are committed to doing better in our response to incidents of anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry," the company added. "ViacomCBS will have further announcements on our efforts to combat hate of all kinds."


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