• The entire premise for the riots is phony... there is no systemic police brutality, aimed at the Black race in America... In fact, the official coroner's report on the cause of death for Mr. Floyd stated he was high on Fentynal and Meth and died from heart failure with complications brought about by police restraint.

    Witnesses at the scene describe Mr. Floyd's behavior as erratic, with episodes of violent fits, and convulsions. This type of behavior is indicative of a Fentanyl overdose.  It was a Fentanyl overdose, that caused the heart attack and killed Mr. Floyd. Excessive police restraint did not kill Mr. Floyd, he did not die from asphyxiation... lack of oxygen.

    Mr. Floyd had committed a felony, was high on drugs. resisted arrest and was lying face down on the ground when he died of heart failure. . Fentanyl and Meth are both known to cause heart failure. Mr. Floyd had an existing heart problem.  The official autopsy determined the cause of death to be heart failure... not asphyxiation.

    If Mr. Floyd had not committed the felony, was not on drugs, and had peaceably surrendered, he would be alive today.  How does that equate to police abuse? 

    • Once again, the Col. is correct.  Our SICK media has, as usual, maliciously misconscrewed the facts.  Mr. Floyd was a repeat law breaker, had served time on several occasions, one being after holding a pregnant woman at gunpoint.  He was ON DRUGS when the incident happened.  When are people going to wake up and get the FACTS BEFORE THEY RE-ACT!!!!!

  • Democrtats aiding and abetting a Communist Revolution. Resist the COMMUNISTS. Don't even try to tell me what I DON'T see! It only serves to stir my soon to be uncontrolable WRATH for these TRAITORS! RESIST OR DIE,AMERICA!!

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