Former CIA Director John Brennan said he is "aghast" about intelligence and law enforcement leaders in the Trump administration who are revealing secrets about the Russia investigation.


One top official he named as a person he hopes could counter "this type of abominable abuse of authority" is FBI Director Christopher Wray, someone who President Trump has signaled could soon be forced out of the job.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Brennan talked about how the United States could be setting itself up for the Russians to interfere in the 2020 election as they did in 2016. He said acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and others appear to be focused on fulfilling the political wishes of the White House to protect the president when they should be prioritizing national security.

"I just think that what Richard Grenell and others are doing now raises some serious questions about the ongoing capabilities, focus of the intelligence and law enforcement community," Brennan said. "If they are being manipulated at the very top for political purposes, who knows what is happening as far as our defenses against these determined efforts on the part of our enemies."

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  • During the O's Presidency, The entire US Government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Every Department, including Justice.  Most have been or are being isolated haveing pressure or fired but with them and the Deep State there are miles to go.  We want the big fish Brennan is already in a world of hurt.  We are not even guaranteed that we have a decent system that will punish evil. Why arrest them when something like what is happening to Flynn will happen.  There are many, many corrupt judges. Trump has replaced many. Let Barr and Durham keep fishing it will all come out.  We have to surface as much evil as possable but be assured,  "Nothing can stop what's comming nothing" "God Wins" Q

    • that's the reason why Obama and his administration should have been in jail a long time ago.

  • Please AG Barr.........get that bum Brennan indicted, arrested and jailed.  Only a low life like Obama would dig up a white converted muslim to run the CIA.  If anybody doesnt find that to be insane and the work of a paid foreign agent, then you would have to be mentally defective.  Why would a president hire a muslim to run the main overseas spy agency in a time when muslims are a threat to the US and its people?

    • because Obama was and still is a Muslim.

  • Hey brennen, don't MISS your appointment for an orange jumpsuit fitting, you'll want to look chic in PRISON damn TRAITOR!

  • Is it possible they are believing their own lies?

  • Oh also in order to get them all of them you need complete proof.  Undeniable proof.  A long involved court case will do nothing but bring sympanthy and increased Democrate sympathy bringing them out to vote.  You need a closed case with proof you can see.  Barr and Durham are doing just that.  Be patient Its comming "Nothing can stop what is comming" Q

    • I will see it until I see it in real color.

    • yes it is possible they lie all the time

  • Brennen was fired by Clapper back in Dec 2016.  According to Front Page Magazine "In August 2018, President Trump revoked Brennan's security clearance, explaining that Brennan's “lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary” was “wholly inconsistent with access to the nation’s most closely held secrets and facilities, the very aim of our adversaries, which is to sow division and chaos.” In response, Brennan told NBC's Meet the Press that Trump's move was “treasonous.”

    In a February 2020 interview on MSNBC, Brennan said that President Trump’s staunchest supporters are a “very debased group of people.”

    Brennen is CIA

    Brennen is famous for his Globalist view and is favoring ISIS.  He also doesn't think "Human Rights" exist.  He has been in government for a long time and has served many administrations including the Bush Administration.  Brennen is part of the Deep State but he isn't the big fish.  To catch the big fish you have to use things like Brennen as bait.  Wait I know it is hard but wait I'm sure you will get your blood but we want all of them ALL OF THEM including the people who finance and support this scum.  Be patient Nothing will stop what is comming.

    In light of John Brennan’s long history of undermining America’s national security by downplaying the extent of the threat posed by our nation’s most committed enemies, it is no wonder that he detests President Trump. In virtually every way possible, Trump is the anti-Brennan.

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