In response to a report that New York City experienced zero Wuhan virus-related deaths on Saturday, former Obama administration senior advisor Valerie Jarrett alluded to the city’s total number of virus-related deaths during the pandemic as “short term sacrifice.”

As NBC News reported, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recorded zero virus-related deaths for the first time since the state’s first official virus death was recorded on March 11.

Jarrett tweeted:


How does someone with a modicum of common sense not realize how tone-deaf “short-term sacrifice” comes across when talking about anything related to the staggering number of virus-related deaths in a city that became the epicenter of the pandemic in America?

Even if that “someone” claims she was not referring to deaths from the virus, let alone the sheer number of those deaths, shouldn’t she realize that reasonable people reading her tweet would, at the very minimum, recoil at the lack of sensitivity of her choice of words?

Many Twitterers did just that.

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