• when this happened i predicted rough times ahead for the police dept , police chief, school board, and city council of this town

  • A few decades ago it would have been a different situation, the men would have gone in and taken care of the loon. That's when men still had balls and weren't paralyzed by stupids rules, protocol, their instinct would have taken over, not the fear of losing their jobs! They have the blood of those children on their hands as much as the loon!

  • We all need to step up to the bullying by the liberals, and PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE!!!!

  • This all so heart  breaking.  The parents and loved ones' losses.  The school board's losses as well.  The whole community's losses and the whole state of Texas' losses.  Precious lives taken all because of a false flag by those attempting to incite us to violence and to over throw our country.  God's judgement in His court in Heaven has declared justice be applied for each person responsible.  God will meet out and apply justice to each one responsible for each injustice they committed.  There were a lot of individuals not responsible for this false flag and murders.  God Himself will protect those innocent of wrong doing. Praying for God's justice to be applied to those complicit individuals.  

    • Amen 🙏 

  • I concur. Both the school board AND police department need replaced as well as the city government.

  • This was a false flag operation to reinforce more gun control laws!!! Who the hell left that door unlocked??? Where sre the school videos of the outside of the school? Where are the videos of the shooter trying every out side door to get in? Who the hell told the police chief to order the police to stand down? These are not conspiracy questions, these are questions that need to have answers!!! The more of the simlence we get, the more the conspiracies come out. One thing is for sure, their was outside controls over this shooting. The citizens of Uvalde need to keep up thier pressure on the police chief and the school board! Congress is currently trying to pass a gun control law that will takeaway all guns from every American citizen. Al;most every cir=tizen owns a semi=automatice gun, whether it is a rifle or a pistol. Any one who goes along with this bann is a traitor of this country. If you think that Putin and China are not watching this bill take place, then you are too far gone. The Democrats are in bed with Putin. How do I know this??? Well, Putin would like nothing better the to have the US citizen disarmed! Then he can move in here and take over with out fearing resistence, If He can do it to Ukraine then he can do it here, The Nazi Democrats are trying to give Putin a helping hand and those of you that are going along with this disarming of American citizens are also agents of Putin. Please tell me where I am wrong!

    • Exactly.


    • Correct

  • An expectation of accountability with consequence for service not rendered.

    Refreshing, although inspired in these tragic terms.

    Is this what it takes?

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