Is This Shopping Aisle Empty Due to Socialism? |

Our entire world could change in 48 hours if Truckers stop driving...

Things are going to get very scary and strange if Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate actually goes into effect.

We could see and experience things in this country that make Venezuela look “organized and happy.”

And that’s what people are afraid of.

A man online who goes by the name Alexader Rogers, and says he’s a truck driver, has a warning about these vaccine mandates.

He was responding to a tweet from conservative pundit Jesse Kelly.

Kelly was discussing the mandates, and what a disservice they are to this country, just as a US Army lieutenant colonel has just tendered his resignation over this vaccine mandate from Joe Biden.

That caught Alexander’s eye, and he chimed in on the discussion.

He says when it hits truckers like him, and we see mass food shortages because these guys walk off the job or get fired for not taking the jab, Americans will understand what communism really is.

Here’s what Alexander said: “Wait until it hits truckers like myself and you start seeing mass food shortages. People are going to learn very quickly the cost of Communism.”

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  • Truckers are the backbone of the country and this fake president is holding all Americans hostage we the people have the right to be vaccinated or not and the Constitution gives us those rights and the government can't mandate us on anything we won't accept.Tell this idiots to read our Bill of Rights and it covered all our freedom as Americans 



  • Joe keeps taking us farther and farther down the rabbit hole.  I hope the truckers go on strike and no one turns a wheel.  That will let Joe know that he is not a dictator.  We are a free country and we need to stay that way.  We do not need a crazy senile old guy trying to run something he has never learned.  He has always played the system for personal gain.  The republicans need to do everything they can to make the democrats look like the fools they are.  

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