9649303482?profile=RESIZE_710xVermont, the state with the highest vaccination rate in the United States, is experiencing a CCP virus surge at levels not seen since the pandemic’s peak last winter.
The number of cases in Vermont is at a record level, hospitalizations are close to the records notched last winter, and the state recorded the deadliest day and the second deadliest month of the pandemic in September.
“I think it’s clearly frustrating for all of us,” Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation who monitors CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus statistics for the state.
More than 69 percent of Vermont’s population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Sept. 24, according to the CDC, far above the national rate of 56 percent.
The state recorded the highest rate of hospitalizations per 100,000 residents on Sept. 30, breaching a record set on Jan. 31 last year. Eight people died of the CCP virus in Vermont on Sept. 13, the highest grim total recorded since the outbreak of the virus.

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  • Not so unusual nor hard to grasp as Congress dictates exactly what All CDC Guidelines and Goals are.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The cdc refuses to count cases, hospitalizations, and deaths of vaccinated people.  This is done so that no one can prove that vaxed people are the problem.

  • In case any Need to Know----
    From Dr. Ardis on Mel K show dated 10.4.21 
    published 10.2.21. 
    RUMBL / Telegram
    Protocol both kids / adults for jab 
    1.  Vit. C (buy ascorbic acid powder to get bulk)
    Begin at 5,000, work up to 10,000 units (adult)        per day. 
    Work up to 10,000 adult dosage by increasing        1000 units per week. Gradual build-up/ This            builds bowel tolerance....)
    Stay on this forever. It coats every single cell          in your body. 
    FACT:   Chyna treated the 1st victims of CoV  w/ IVC at dosage of 25, 000 units given in IV.  All were healed within  5 days. Does not matter what they call pneumonia--Viral / Bacterial. Vit C treats by protecting and coating  cells. 
    'IV' means intravenious drip into blood  (hospital)
    If anyone has to be hospitalized  DEMAND IVC.      immediately at above dose (25,000 adult) !!!!
    Kid dosage:  2,000 - 3,000
    If need hospitalization------
    People now must have Advocate to DEMAND this IV  protocol  and to REFUSE Vent and Remdesevere, which causes renal failure within 5 days. They are ALL getting kickbacks for both of these "treatments." Both of these treatments kill.
    ADVOCATE may need to get attorney ASAP to keep hospital from causing death. 
    2.  Selenium
    Selenium is wonder-worker.  Take only 200 mcg    (micrograms) / day. (adult)
    Selenium creates T-cells, which are white blood cells, which fight disease, and tell the liver to produce Glutathione, which is a Master Hormone.
    Selenium KILLS virus and bacteria !
    Masks are creating Bacterial Pneumonia, being called CoVid Pneumonia. 
    Stay on 200 mcg. forever.
    3.   Magnesium
    Lack of Magnesium is related to ALL DISEASE.
    General Dosage:  500 mg
    Specific Dosage:  10.6 mg per every 2.2 lbs of body  weight.
    Or weight divided by 2.2 multipled by 10.6, giving  approximately 1000 mg (units) per 200lb man.
    Stay on this forever.
    4.    Apple Pectin
    700 mg / 2x day
    Buy from Hollis Herbs in bulk
    FACT:  Japan treated 2011 Fukashima victims with Apple Pectin. Victims were healed in 5 days.
    Apple Pectin binds with ionized radiation.
    Will bind with Graphene Oxide and Polyethylene Glycol.
    Stay on this forever.
    Dr. Ardis also advises to follow:
    Dr. Zalinko
    Dr. Mercola
    Prevent and Heal.
    If any know any with any symptoms------ASAP all of this!!!!
    These likely treat other disorders as well...
    • Be careful on the magnesium.   I overdid it a few years ago and stopped it entierely after that.   I was taking 2 500 tabs a day.   Not good.

  • The "vaccine" will end up killing more people than the actual virus. 

  • Well Ron, at least we got to live gloriously in the "What Was", which is far better than those who will live in the, " Never Known. "  I'm still a firm believer that it is impossible to exist in the positive and negative simultaneously, so the end of my days will come believing things will improve.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • This is not the Nation of my birth, he of my forefathers. This is the New Screwed Up, Crazy World of Sycophants sucking up to who/whatever is handing out "Free Anything" and perfectly willing to prostitute themselves for it! Hundreds of Freight Ships stacked up outside of Los Angeles resulting in an "Anchor" ripping A hole in an Oil Pipeline, setting off the Rabid, Vindictive Dogs of MEDIA/Politicians to punish the Oil Company, while the Presidential Edict of Mandatory Vaccination caused the massive "Walk Off" of Truck Drivers, making it impossible to Unload the Ships! Not even to mention the "Paid Walk Off" of Longshoremen refusing the Shots! Empty Shelves and Shortages in spite of the fact that after the Declaration of Pandemic, Our Mortality Rate is still only .002! Our MEDIA/Politicians never mention that here in the U.S. each year an average of 600,000 Citizens are reported "Missing." A minimum of 90,000 are found Dead and another 90,000 are never found! That alone is 360,000 in Two Years compared to the Death Toll of the Covid Virus which included complicating factors of Heart Disease, Obesity and Diabetes. Add to these numbers, Absolutely No Count Is Kept Anywhere For Missing Native American Women! Now "Concerned Parents" are being classified as "Terrorists?"  There ain't no vaccine for stupid, and isn't it a shame.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Pretty much sums it up... America is in serious decline and it isn't just over the non-pandemic... our culture has collapsed and corruption is everywhere including millions gaming our welfare system while millions more line up on our border to join in the looting of America.


    "Vermont is at a record level, hospitalizations are close to the records notched last winter,"

    I know this speculation is not "scientific", but is it possible that the rumors about the "EUA Vaxxine" being the Delta variant (Israel)  along with the rest of the BS the CDC & FDA are peddling...cause and effect. The non-vaxed are in danger from "shedding" (Pfizer Study*)  and the Vxed are at risk from the flu and common cold...And, Joey "B" wants to mandate the "variant" to all of U.S.?


    • The unvaccinated are at risk of getting sick and building natural immunity that most likely lasts a lifetime,  as long as they can get early treatment most will survive because their immune system is designed to kill off only the cells that are affected. Can't say the same for the vaccinated, who's system thinks all their cells are  affected!

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