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  • If One is a belong of Antifa or BLM, "Membership" comes with a "Get Out of Jail Free/Non Prosecution Card", issued by the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • It is not acceptable that ANTIFA was the first into the house chambers.And Murphy the bad guys here are YOU!

  • I am NOT on the J-6 committee list but here I am.Carmel,NY Come and get me... 

  • Another indignant Democrat.  Think the same indignation applies when evidence is brought forth to a state as part of a request for an election audit?

  • Another Dog And Pony Show for the Demorats that the FBI has already said was not a Planned Insurrection. This is a Ploy to further divide our nation and try and cause revolt. That's when the UN will be asked to help police the the people. Total Marshal Law with a Foreign entity in charge. Global Government.

  • Lynn, You don’t mean that. There’s hundreds of thousands of illegals to vote for these losers.

  • Prepare. 

    • I only have one thing to say: " Ne Conjuge Nobiscum " .................

    • Let's Go Brandon.

  • Hold the line!!

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