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  • Either way, I'm comfortable with it. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • These marshals are unconstitutional!

  • We're being overthrown and WE"RE ON OUR OWN.  The Government has declared war on us. REVOLT OR DIE!

    • A revolt is not planned but a spontaneous movement, happens as people begin to see the wrongs  and begin to get pissed off.....until they begin to stand and the movement is joined by more and more people, until it becomes a sea. Our sea is getting larger, and it must be enormous for DC to take it seriously, otherwise it'll be nothing more than 1/6,

    • That's the General Order of the day... 

  • To all Republicans in Congress wake up and stand up with the American people do not fear the Socialist Party Antifa and BLM but fear the American people because we will defend our right to be free 

    • Amen, brother. 

  • Laurel, I am very well aware that the majority of all Illegals, especially in Sanctuary States, "Vote for Progressive Socialist Democrats." When they sign up for Identification (Translators Provided), to receive All Social Services Benefits, they are simultaneously asked, "Would you like to Register to Vote at this Time?" This is against every Federal Law we have and supersedes All State Laws for Voting, yet "Nothing is done about it" by either Political Party!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Congess has wasted time and effort in an ever engaged battle against Trump for nearly Five Years, and now with an "Inflation Rate" of 5.4% since Biden took Office, Social Security recipients are suddenly being "Blessed" with a 5.9% Increase in Their Monthly Checks, "The Highest Increase in 40 Years" promoted Daily via the Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians. They still insist on removing invisible specks from our lapels while picking our pockets!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Tryanny on steroids

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