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  • Whatever happened to COEXIST?  With everyone but an American patriot!  Most of the higher up leadership is anti-American .... but we've already known that for years, now there's no ambiguity

  •  It would be interesting to know who owns the controlling ownership interest in these airlines... China?  If they are foreign-owned end their US registration privileges immediately and inform their owners they must renegotiate their landing rights and privileges as a foreign carrier  NOT A US CARRIER.  It appears we have lots of problems with Globalists who believe they can operate in the US while acting as if they have no legal and moral obligation to their US Clients.

  • Boycott all airlines who support this sort of anit-American activity... and work with the local airport authority to ban their carrier services... deny them landing rights and dock privileges and if that is not possible then assign them manual terminals that deplane in the open air. 

    Time to get tough at all levels with the anit-American Marxist and Globalist... If the local airport board is not cooperative, stop all city services and let them provide their own power and water.... get tough... Ground all airlines whose anit-American policies are not immediately revoked.

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