• Lemon is a complete ASSHOLE

  • Does anyone watch CNN or Don Lemon...

    CNN scored zero shows in the top 20, being shut out in this year’s first quarter by rival cable networks Fox News and MSNBC.

    In fact, CNN’s viewership has been so poor, its most popular show not only missed the top 20, but registered at a dismal number 23.

    “Actually, CNN could not hit the top 22, because the far-left network’s highest rated show, Cuomo Tonight, reached number 23 for the first three months of the year with a measly average of just 1.28 million viewers,” Breitbart News reported. “And this was before the release of the Mueller Report exposed CNN as a fake news network that conned its viewers for more than two years.”

  • Why anyone would pay the slightest attention to this overpaid idiot is really beyond my comprehension.

  • CNN need to be of the off the air now.

  • Stupid is as stupid does. He lies with no remorse. Has no conscience.

  • Yep, it's deluded clowns like this that are making our job of taking back our country a lot easier, with a lot of help from the 1st Amendment. These dolts should be left to use their freedom of speech to let everyone see and know how absolutely insane they really are.  Save the arrests and indictments for the ones who act on this insanity, because there are apparently way too many of those violent "useful idiots" and we do not want to overwhelm our already overworked law enforcement and justice system. Besides that, the liberal lawyers are just going to make more money from them and the liberal courts will probably let them off with a slap on the wrist anyway.

  • sedition ... a crime to conspire to overthrow the US.    Sounds like idiot Lemon could and should be charged and prosecuted ... certainly removed from broadcasting!

  • What a clown. and a dangerous one at that. He better be careful with his words. He might get hurt.

  • Lemon is engaging in unlawful incitement to riot... insurrection.  Threatening and using one's bully pulpit to incite violence aimed at blowing up the entire system is not protected speech under the 1st Amendment.  Mr. President were is the FBI and AG Barr... enforce the laws arrest and indict Mr. Lemon for inciting riot and rebellion... insurrection.

  • lemons should be behind bars, servicing big bubba and his crew.

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