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  • Like President Trump Rep Gaetz can't be bought or intimidated so they are out to destroy him with their satanic lies!!!!!!!!!!

    • Very true!

  • The New York Times is the fakest of fake news and has been an instrument of the Democrat liars for smoe time. Of course CNN is the leader and we know they have been trying to ruin every honest person for some time.  They aren't honest and don't love the USA and cannot stand anyone who is and does. 

  • Propaganda was originated in communist countries, wasn’t it? I believe Media sources should be under the same guidelines as doctors. If a doctor preforms an incorrect surgery or prescribes an incorrect medication, he gets sued. Media should have some guidelines as to spreading propaganda. I realize we have slander laws, but there should be something more drastic with quick action. Hefty fees won’t work, but a temporary shut down like being blocked from Twitter or Facebook would work, huh? Maybe if we get a better congress it can happen.

    • Jim, the problem is that the gop establishment is complicit with the devfildemocommiecrats.  There are VERY FEW republicans who stand with We the People!!!!!!!!!!


    • I actually do not think that is true.  Although I personally am conservative I am a registered independent however I did certainly vote for and am a supporter of Donald J Trump.    After all at least 75 million people voted for Trump most were republicans.  Furthermore, we do not know how many votes were shredded by the so called democrats.  

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