• Well, probably not; if they really ARE UN officials they probably have "diplomatic immunity".

  • Does anyone miss Donald J. Trump, yet????

    • YUP!


  • A foriegn army is illegal in the US. If they step foot on US soil it is considered to be an invasion. I think this needs to be pointed out to congress and Biden. We as unorganized militia have the duty to repell foriegn troops with force.

    • I am waiting, when will PATRIOTS FINALLY stand up, citizens wear masks because they do not want a hassle, will they hand over their guns for the same reason!

    • Individual impowerment will cause change.

      I am seeing the change, but not as quickly as I like. 

      but on a better note,

      Cooperation in the Civid farce is misplaced conscientiousness, but still conscientious.

      It looks like US citizenry is not a bunch of self-absorbed clods as we have been told we are, just because we do not want to impovish ourselves in wealth transfers.

  • SHOOT the United Nation officials, for complicity to invade the United States of Ameica!

    • Certainly, arrest, revoke their diplomatic immunity, and immediately deport them .... notify their nation's government that any further action of this nature by their diplomats will result in their embassy being closed and all of their diplomats deported.

    • Agree

    • sounds good to me, shoot a few and the rest will likely scat on their own.

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