UN Funds Migrant Wave Flooding To The U.S.

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The U.S.-funded United Nations is providing cash to help job-seeking migrants trek up through South America, Central America, and Mexico, says Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies.

“It is definitely organized,” Bensman told Breitbart News on Monday during a reporting trip to Tapachula in southern Mexico, where migrants arrive after crossing Central America:

They’re giving money out at way-stations up and down the [migrant] trail … There’s a process [in Tapachula]: You get your Mexican [visa] papers, then you go to the UN building next door, get an appointment, and they interview you and look at your situation…  It’s not big money, and not all of them get it, but enough get it to sustain them so they don’t have to go home, and so they can go on to the next way station.

Bensman tweeted a video of the migrants waiting for payments:


The funding helps poor migrants from Africa and Asia survive the deadly and brutal trek through South American, over the Darien Gap, through Central America, and into Mexico. Without the UN-provided money, many of the migrants risk going without food, shelter, or short-distance transport.

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  • It is not the Taxpayers funding this. It is those who the Taxpayers elected to represent "Their Will and Desires" who are funding this.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • U S Taxpayers funding this??????

  • Good for you Marlene! Does anyone have a problem with your career or retirement? If the do, that is there own personal issue, not yours.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Only the lopes lopes jerk.   I agree.   Hope all here have maximized their potential and are reaping the rewards also.

      Were I not able to do the stuff I do, I would really consider myself a failure.

  • No disrespect taken Laura.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Mlopez, Lynn Bryant DeSpain and Marlene Hessler walked into a bar.....

    No disrespect to any of you. Just thinking 

    • Hilarious.  I'm thinking we might all walk out great friends.  I'm certain I'd manage to get drunk in any event and I for one appreciate your sense of humor.  Maybe a stars war bar? 

    • Not a chance of that happening.

  • Lopez "Alas poor Yorik, I knew him." Two names of people with name recognition hardly beyond their own State's areas would hardly begin to be serious competition even against a mindless wonder such as Biden. I fear the faults you find in Trump and others are but only a reflection of your own, and for this you have my pity and condolences.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Youngkin and De Santis are national figures and so is General Flynn whom Trump betrayed and unjustly fired through ignorance, poor council and worse judgment though none have any bearing whatsoever on Hamlet. 

      Otherwise, I thank you for your condolences, but no one has died so they seem a bit misplaced.  Although I walk through the valley of death, I do not loiter.  You remind me of Trump.  Well intentioned, but confused.  As for your pity I would quote Pascal.  "Truth without pity is not God."  Trust me brother.  You have no grip on truth.

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