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AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” shatters official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week.

The alarming findings show that the vast majority of covid hospitalizations are occurring among fully-vaccinated individuals and that outcomes among the fully vaccinated are growing worse with each passing week. This appears to fit the pattern of so-called Antibody Dependent Enhancement, where the treatment intervention (mRNA vaccines) is worsening health outcomes and leading to excess hospitalizations and deaths.

These data, presented here, shatter the official Biden / Fauci narrative that falsely claims America is experiencing, “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The data show that the pandemic actually appears to be accelerated by covid-19 vaccines, while unvaccinated individuals are having far better outcomes than the vaccinated.

Furthermore, according to these data (shown below), the single best strategy for avoid post-vaccine infections and hospitalizations is natural immunity derived from a previous covid infection.

The full analysis is entitled, “Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines against the Delta variant among 5.6M Medicare beneficiaries 65 years and older” and is dated Sep. 28, 2021. The presentation of these data consists of 17 slides, which are available at the Humetric website in slide form, also posted on Natural News servers in this PDF versionwhich is more convenient for viewing and printing.

From the JAIC Project Salus document:

In this 80 percent vaccinated 65+ population, an estimated 60 percent of COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in fully vaccinated individuals in the week ending August 7th.

By August 21st, 71 percent of covid-19 “cases” were occurring among fully vaccinated individuals:

In this 80 percent vaccinated 65+ population, an estimated 71 percent of COVID-19 cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.

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  • This does not surprise me in the least. The vax is a death shot.

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  • "Positive Covid Test" makes for fantastic MEDIA/Political Propaganda. If a human drowned, was crushed n a car, fell from building or incinerated in a fire, if they "Tested Positive for Covid", they " Died from Covid!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

      1. Lynn, a@nybody who dies by any of the means you mentioned would not have to be tested for Covid.  It would be listed as the cause regardless to further Fauci's agenda.
  • I work in a hospital, mostly in the ER. When covid first hit, it was bad. You could tell they were covid positive just by looking through the glass door before you went in. Our ICU was filled to capacity with intubated covid patients doubled up 2 in a room (un heard of in this hospital). Fast forward to today; there's probably less than a tenth of the number of covid patients in ICU ( I hardly see any). It seems over time that the severity of symptoms in positive covid patients are much less severe (this includes un vaccinated). There ARE a lot of patients in the ER that have covid symptoms and are testing negative for covid (flu like symptoms in the summer?) It also pays to mention that there are more than a few fully vaccinated patients testing positive for covid. Just wanted to throw that out there because I don't hear this mentioned in the media. Also, not to tempt fate, but, I am not covid "vaccinated" (vaccinations like small pox, polio, rubella, mumps/measels, one and done as a child) and have been in close proximity with severe covid patients for 40 hrs/week, 52 weeks a year and never got covid.

  • All those who survived the 1957 Hong Kong Pandemic forward knew survival was not dependent upon vaccination, facial masks, social distancing, but bed rest, fluids, and sweating the virus out. Life continued as normal with a few getting very ill, and fewer dying compared to the whole.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • not surprised...

  • No one knows who or what to believe any longer... If this report is true revolution would be justified as the Marxists are out to eleimane most of us BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY... History demonstrates they don't start such a diabolical move without intending to finish it.

  • What else would we expect when we have criminals and communist in charge of our country lie lie lie lie!!! History will teach us that we had a time to do something about it but all we do is complain rather than take action. 

    • The Patriot movement needs effective leadership, organization, and funding if it is to mobilize an effective resistance...  The People need to be motivated and organized before they engage in such a monumental undertaking.  There has never been a successful revolution without leadership...none.  The French Revolution 1789 was not spontaneous ... it began with the mustering of the 'Third Estate' a former counsel to the King, which after being ignored by the King began the revolution, ending with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. Then there is our own Revolution and its long history of organized resistance and effective Colonial leadership.

      Revolutions don't start without leadership, organization, and funding... sufficient to motivate and mobilize the people. The People will respond when they believe they are united and have sufficient leadership and organization to be successful.  Until then, don't look for a spontaneous decentralized revolution. Even if a spontaneous revolution began, such an unorganized and divided movement would be quickly crushed.

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