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The United Nations has joined the World Economic Forum (WEF) to announce a global coronavirus news service, declaring the time has come for “new social norms” that seek out and correct “wrong” information.

Observing that social media is a mechanism for driving opinion on a host of issues, the two globalist organizations announced Thursday they want to “combat dangerous misinformation.”

“When COVID-19 emerged, it was clear from the outset this was not just a public health emergency, but a communications crisis as well,” Melissa Fleming, chief of global communications for the United Nations, said.

“We’re trying to create this new social norm called ‘pause – take care before you share’,” Fleming continued. “We’re equipping people, through this new social norm, with a bit of ‘information scepticism’.”

The U.N. is also encouraging social media influencers to help spread what it selects as “real news about the pandemic,” recruiting them in their tens of thousands to spread the digital messages the U.N. itself has deemed necessary.

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  • Anyone that thinks anything good comes from the UN is an idiot or a communist.  Oh!  Hell!  Same thing...

  • President Trump get us out of the UN anf the UN out of the USA ASAP!  Should have done a long time ago!

  • Not interested in anything the globalists UN have to say. Biden either. We are a sovereign nation with a constitution and our own laws. Kick those bastards out of new York and send them packing. They are communist enemies of the USA

    • Amen to that!

    • I am with you 100%

    • I'm  With you Hilary, turn the UN building into office space or a houseing project. Get that vermen the hell out of OUR  Nation ...


  • Globalist pawns.

This reply was deleted.