• Tyler's comment reminded me of an article on the "Acknowledgements" page of the book I'm writing. It reads as follows: "I thank God that the first eleven years of my adolescence (December 1932 to September 1943) were spent on the farm owned by a beloved family of White citizens, headed by Olin Sr and Irene Thomas Horne of Metcalfe, GA. My Maternal Great Grandfather, Charles Vickers (Papa) and I (beginnig at age six) sharecropped the farm, while Great Grandmother, Hattie Ross Vickers (Mama) and Mother, Leola Vickers worked as their housekeepers, cooks, and launderers. It was an awesome blessing for me. Because, it was the Hornes’ extraordinary respect, kindness, and generosity during that time of government-sanctioned racial segregation and the Great Depression, that in effect immunized me against becoming a racist bigot. It prevented me from having feelings/thoughts of liking, disliking, or treating people favorable or unfavorable because of their race, skin cover, ethnicity, nationality, religion, profession, etc. Having never been burdened with such evilness, enabled me to seemlessly established extraordinary harmonious relationships with people of every diversified group with whom I worked and socialized. Because of the Hornes’ profound influence upon me; I was adhering to Reverend Martin Luther King Junior's call to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. The Hornes also caused me to realize there are good, bad, and outright evil people among all groups of mankind; and to never broad-brush any group as being all neither". Having served in leadership positions 28 of my 30-year Army career, if I possessed even a smidigen of racial bias; I could not have optimally succeeded in leading soldiers of practically every race, ethnicity, nationality on this planet. It makes me feel mighty damn good about myself to not be burdened with such evilness.

    • Great post Ozell... I too had a similar experience growing up in Stockton, Ca.  I was totally unaware of any racial, ethnic and social bigotry... we worked to hard to be concerned about such nonsense.  I too served in the military for over 26yrs and lead all sorts of soldiers into combat... never considered their race or ethnic makeup as important... I took them on the consent of their character and their combat skills... May your book sell well and your legacy be a rich and diverse testimony of life without bias... God Bless you and yours.  Enjoyed your post.

    • Thanks, Ronald, for your kind response, and your service as well. Racism will only become a thing of the past when parental family members start teaching children during adolescence, that they are no better than anyone else whose race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc. is different from theirs; and not to behave neither favorable nor unfavorable towards anyone because of those differences; but to do so only according to the content of their character. Religious and school professionals will also have to teach that. I relish recalling the teenage Horne sons' kindness by voluntarily keeping me supplied with my favorite recreation devices, i.e., handmade slingshots, and bamboo pop guns used to shoot Chinaberries. Evidently, their parental family members never discouraged, but instead supported our friendship. I also enjoy recalling the delicious food left from the family's noon meal (back then called "Dinner" and the evening meal called "Supper"). It was the family's generous policy for Mama to take it home each day. PS: I consider all active-duty service members and Retirees/Veterans, extended members of my family. May God bless you and family!!!!

  • I didn't watch the Oscars, never do. But I am convinced that this is likely the best thing that happened there. 

  • Wow, thanks Tyler Perry! Great speech!

  • The WORST racists I come accross now are Black people.

  • That was a great message. I also refuse to hate. God created us all, so red, yellow, brown, black or white we are all God's children.  I have a hard time understanding how one can hate because of the color of our skin. 😔

  • Wow!  That was amazing!  I wish I could share the video, but I don't think anyone could see it who is not a part of this website.  Where did you get it?

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      You can find  it at Rumble, YouTube, and any other video hosting site!

    • I found it on youtube, but i would not have seen it had you not shared it.  Thanks.

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