• mlopez, All you suggested sounds great on paper and in theory. But we all know, except perhaps you, the demons that run the at our border and elsewhere would never allow even one of those defensive actions. WE the people must face taking OUR country back by whatever means we can. You choose to criticize. I choose to back a genuine effort that may be minimal at best, but nevertheless positive.

  • Oh I"m sure governor Abbott will happily solicite money for a fence.  That's a hypocritical way to pretend he is doing something while effectively doing nothing.  If Abbott wasn't a coward and a faker he would declare a national emergency and deploy National Guatd troops.  At the same time he would ask for armed volunteers who he could deputize and assign to National Guard units for assigned tasks to supplement their limitd resources and maximize their effectiveness under professional, military, and authorized supervision. 

    If Abbott was at all sincere and on the side of Texas citizens as he claims, he would also put out an impassioned plea to the entire nation requesting state militas and armed, private citizens to come to Texas ' aid and to help defend his state and its citizens against his foreign invasion.

    That would force a direct confrontation with the federal governemt and create a national crisis galvanizing the issue for the entire country to see and understand.  That would make it impossible for the last nail to be driven into America's coffin without anyone pretending to notice.  Such decisive action woould make him the real deal, grant him undeniable authenticity as a national leader, make him a national  figure and a legitimate challenger, or potential alternative  to Trump for the presidential election in 2024.  The American people want real, not head fakes and public relations gimicks.  They are hungry for a leader who can and will make a fight.  

  • I'll donate

    • Well it's your money.

  • This governor is a brave and patriotic man . There are many more left in this country. I contributed to Brian Kolfage’s effort to keep us safe and will gladly do the same for Texas. The good people of Texas do not deserve to be overcome by the destruction of collateral damage from DC idiots. Nor do any of us for that matter. It is only a small part that I can play. Like so many of you I can’t wait to do it.

    • The governor is neither.  It is a trick to appear to be doing something and it's not the stae of Texas that is in mortal danger.  It is the entire nation.  See my comment above

  • Thank goodness that the TX governor cares more about the country than the Faux President does.  I would contribute also.

    • I've got a dog that cares more for the nation than this fake President, but Abbott is just using a fake political trick to appear to be doing something.  A fence doesn't even begin to address this problem and anyone with the least bit of sense can see that much.  See my remarks above

  • Dear rnor,


    Build the wall, set up a go fund me site. I will contribute.



  • DO IT !!!

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