Two men have been taken into custody for allegedly conspiring to provide support to the Islamic State terrorist group and discussing the attacks they wanted to carry out in the U.S., according to federal court records.

Jaylyn Molina, who allegedly also calls himself “Abdur Rahim,” was arrested by the FBI in San Antonio, Texas, on Monday. Kristopher Matthews, who refers to himself as “Ali Jibreel,” was arrested in Tennessee, KSAT-TV reported.

Both men “are accused of conspiring to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization,” according to the New York Post.

Matthews utilized an encrypted messaging application last year to aid his search for an Islamic State terror group facilitator who could help him travel to Syria and recruit other members, a 14-page criminal complaint alleged.

The FBI learned that Molina joined the same chat this past April and posted manuals “on how to train with an AK-47,” KSAT reported, citing court records.

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The two men communicated using propaganda videos, and their messages were tracked by online covert employees,

authorities said.

Molina allegedly claimed in a post earlier this year that “America is my enemy” and posted a series of graphic photos showing an American citizen being murdered by Islamic State group terrorists.

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  • Sadly this will probably never end until the LORD JESUS comes back

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  • We have a wonderful place for them and it's called Guantanamo Hotel and Spa. It was designed for freakin idiots like you. And I checked...there are plenty of vacancies!  hopefully you will never set foot in our beloved country again.

  • there you go again the Muslim is back.

  • Disappear them!

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