• Is this news to anyone?  We have allowed social media to take over our lives and control our behavior and thoughts.  Welcome to Russia!

  • Sounds like twitter doesn't want this to end!  Why?

    • China's Whore.,


  • Why has Trump not abaondoned Twitter and joined Parler?

  •  It's because he said it was a stolen election and he won by a landslide. Things he has already said a number of times but they didn't like it.


  • Jack better watch his treasonous back! We're just getting strated!

    • AMEN!  ........ No, and not AWOMAN!

  • Not only do they not allow RT, Twitter and Facebook suspended the account of the president of the United States of America for speaking the truth, for calling out the deep state, for standing up for we the people. 

  • Wow, another sign of a planned event by the DNC

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