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Twitter locked the account of former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell after he shared an image of ballots sent to him by a friend living in California, who says they were addressed to his parents — who he claims have been dead for ten years.

“He’s my friend in California, a very close friend of mine. It’s his parents who were sent these ballots, and he gave me the photo, and he gave me permission.”

“This is my position. If Twitter is going to employ someone who is going to be so concerned about community action, and me posting a photo that they’re concerned about — their community action focus should be at the Los Angeles County register of voters, who are sending dead people ballots, [people] who have been dead for ten years.”

“Twitter has now responded back to me to say that you can delete the photo and the tweet and repost it after you black out their address. Well, I’m not doing that because I have permission, and they have no right to ask me to do that.”

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  • The problem we HAVE, is that these Social Media sites are "Independent" businesses. They can over-ride the 1st amendment with "Company Policy", and there is nothing we can do about it, it's Legal. Much like WalMart making you wear a mask in the store, they can do it even if your city does not have a mask-wearing mandate, because they are Privately Owned. All YOU can do is Boycott, and Facebook and Twitter are too big to CARE about your boycott.

    • that's the truth but we have an election coming up


  • Censorship by non-coverage is the sop of the media for decades. Twitter is forcibly doing that. I don't want some H1B hidden away in twitter's tech forcing censorship. It's in violation of our First Amendment but does an H1B understand that? Does an H1B care about that at all?

    • Totally correct, Max!!  H1B is worrying ONLY about getting a fancy, new car in his driveway in Bangalore, when he returns home.

  • Twitter is a disaster. Please do the same post to Google and Fcebook. If they want war, damnit, give to them!

    • well, well war is already here 

  • the picture said it all

  • These social media sites and all of media need an oversight body run by the Trump administration that will ensure that Americans get the truth. We the people don't need the lying media clogging up our airwaves. 

  • The hell with twitter

    • and Google and Facebook. They think they shit ice cream. Really angry here.


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