Here is the link to the complaint:

This is outright censorship by Twitter!

I've added the file to the site, just in case the internet tries to remove Sidney's page:



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  • Twitter Is Socialist Media!

  • Unbelievable how a majority republican senate lets Twitter, Facebook and Google get away with such flagrant first amendment major violations

  • 85% of swing voters said they were unaware of the Hunter Biden & Biden Crime family scandals & that had they known they wouldn't have voted for Slow Joe.

    Social media & the former 'mainstream' media hid the my book that makes these companies complicit in the coup against America As Written...they are the enemies of Liberty.

  • Arrested this idiot for treason he is not the law the Constitution of the United States is the law.

  • Jack Dorsey ... owner of Twitter ... is an imbecile. Twitter should lose their 230 privilege, etc. They will!!

  • I read both pleadings, one for Georgia and one for Michigan and I can't believe the typing errors on a court pleading!!  I would have been fired from my legal secretary job if I had typed that many errors without correcting and I would NEVER HAVE SENT OUT A LEGAL DOCUMENT WITH SO MANY ERRORS!!

  • Well Twitter is commie/Marxist what do you expect... we the people are the only ones who can put them out of business with our own sites like Parler

  • Twitter is part of the TREASONOUS lamestream media!!!!!  I quit posting there over a year ago, at the same time I got banned from facebook for standing on the Word of God.  I posted that abortion is murder, homosexuality is a sin, and islam is a satanic cult.  When they threatened suspension I told them they might as well  remove me because I would not recant nor stop posting truth so they did.

    • Bob, I was banned for the same reason.

  • They do it because they know they are perilously close to being exposed to the world for the fraud they committed with the DNC and deep state.  I hooethey choke to death on that generous bite from the shit sandwich before them.

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