• All Patriotic Americans must avoid all left wing media outlets!

  • Leave Facebook, Twitter.  

    Join Parler, Minds, Telegram

    • Will do.

    • Agreed...shut those bastards down!

  • Big Tech has gone way way way too far.  Anybody with any ethics, morality, intergrity or honesty, you need to get off Twitter an Facebook now.  I would also turn in your Apple devices. 

  • Classic moves of fascists.    They hate free speech!

  • Already removed my account from facebook and no longer using twitter, and as soon as links are posted on this site, I will be able to share on Parler.

    • I read today Apple was removing Parler's app, as well as others. I was suspended on Twitter today with no reason given. We need some form of communications open so we can see or har what our President is doing. I will never vote Republican again, and once Pres. Trump is retired, I'll never vote again.

    • I agree with you. Trump is the man of the hour. If you are not 100% loyal to him, you are against him and against the country. The Republican Party is no longer 100% loyal to Trump. I'm done with the GOP as well. 

    • RINOs killed it.

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